The Dimona Israel nuclear plant, a strategic disaster waiting to happen

Israeli nuclear program
Let’s take a quick look at the national nuclear industry that is never mentioned in the Western corporate media. Doesn’t the Israeli nuclear industry and the Israeli possession of nuclear weaponry pose the danger of a small group of zealots from the Jewish State, to use their own lingo, starting an atomic Holocaust as ‘they try to drive the Arabs/ Muslims into the sea’? …See the video Dimona Israel Problems at Nuclear Reactor

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21 Responses to The Dimona Israel nuclear plant, a strategic disaster waiting to happen

  1. Avatar David Stengler says:

    I suppose the reason Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons doesn’t cause alarm is that Israel is not a terrorist nation governed by Fascistic supremacists calling for the destruction of other nations, nor do Israeli leaders preach death to “non-believers” and fly airplanes into buildings and send suicide murderers to blow people up. Considering Israel has been attacked in three major wars and has constantly been on the receiving end of existential threats from other countries, that Israel has shown restraint in not deploying nuclear weapons speaks to Israel’s responsibility as a member of the civilized world.

  2. Avatar jonah says:

    Yes, Israel is Always Right, never has committed any atrocities or any war crimes, does not act as a Puppet Government in the employ of their corporate masters in Washington, London and New York.

    Alle Sieg Heil am der UberFuhrer Benjamin Netanyahu!

    Heil! Heil! Heil!

  3. Avatar jonah says:

    And the United States, likewise, has never ever invaded any other Sovereign countries unless those countries were defined as a Rogue State by the United States and their Partners in Perfection Great Britain and Israel.

    Every person killed by the United States and Britain and Israel in these non-wars of non-imperialistic Non Aggression was of course, not a Human Being but instead a Terrorist, as defined by Washington, London and Tel Aviv.

    Especially the Babies.

  4. Avatar David Stengler says:

    Whao, try to control yourself, mate. Did I say Israel is always right? Please don’t put words in my mouth.

  5. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    ‘David’, I note that you are using the same network server out of Newark, New Jersey as ‘Ali Duran’ and ‘Melissa Cook’ were. You are part of the same wrecking crew as those fake identities despite your use of the word ‘mate’ to try to pretend to us that you are somewhat British.

    What this says to me, in short, is that you are part of the Israeli military network spamming antiZionist blogs with Israeli government disinformation and hate.

    As to your comment, the only reason that Israel has nuclear capabilities is that it is part of the Western European-US bloc of imperialist nations that have caused millions of war deaths post WW2. So, so much for your silly bit about Israel having shown ‘responsibility as a member’ and blah, blah, blah. There is plenty of reason to fear Israeli nuclear bombs, and your reactors, too.

  6. Avatar David Stengler says:

    You consider opposing points of view a wrecking crew? The reason Israel has nuclear capabilities is deterrence against several hostile neighboring nations. Are you concerned about Iran’s impending nuclear capabilities?

  7. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    I am replying to an automated system. I wrote a commentary about Iran’s nuclear capacities just previous to this commentary. This is pure spam that was automatically sent out exactly 5 minutes after I wrote the previous reply on this thread to Machine David.

  8. Avatar David Stengler says:

    “There is plenty of reason to fear Israeli nuclear bombs, and your reactors, too.”

    What keeps me up at night are realistic concerns over radical Islamic terrorism, not Israel having nuclear weapons.

  9. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    What keeps Arabs and Iranians up at night is the threat of US and Israeli nuclear bombs, and it is a very real threat.

  10. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    You scrambled your IP in the last 3-4 messages, Israel.

  11. Avatar David Stengler says:

    “What keeps Arabs and Iranians up at night is the threat of US and Israeli nuclear bombs, and it is a very real threat”

    Wrong. Radical Islamic terorrism is what primarily keeps the Arab world up at night. Widespread diplomatic relations between the US and the Arab world have long since mollified fears of US threats. Growing diplomatic relations between Israel and the Arab world have the same salutary effects. Iran is on the front burner for Arab nations who fear the destabilizing effects of a nuclear Iran. In point of fact, a significant reason behind the Arab world’s tacit support for Israel in the recent Gaza conflict is the proxy relationship between Hamas and Iran and the concern of Hamas’s vision of a global Islamic totalitarian caliphate centered in Gaza. Egypt’s closure of the Rafah border with Gaza is to prevent Hamas from infiltrating into Egypt and bolstering the Muslim Brotherhood presence there.

  12. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Notice that the Israeli automatic spammer cannot really engage in dialog at all. It is a machine that can only paste pre-written material onto its replies.

  13. Avatar David Stengler says:

    [comment removed]

  14. Avatar AntiNeocon says:

    Israel is the biggest threat to world peace. No matter how you spin it, no world government official has made even come close to the racist and war mongering remarks of Lieberman and Netanyahoo.

  15. Avatar Dan Chinitz says:

    “Israel is the biggest threat to world peace. No matter how you spin it, no world government official has made even come close to the racist and war mongering remarks of Lieberman and Netanyahoo.”

    A democratic State roughly the size of Vermont, approx. 8,000 sq. miles, is surrounded by radical Islamic supremacists vowing death to anyone who is a “non-believer” and threatening to wipe Israel and America off the map, and you pick out Israel as the greatest threat? Your moral compass is broken.

  16. Avatar ODai says:

    David your a fucking idiot, not crimes committed by ISrael? does not want to drive all the palestines out? your a fucking moron

  17. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    On his defense, not much of one, but David and Dan are either the same person who just cut-and-pasted pre-ordained arguments into their web browsers, or separate entities using one internet protocol address.
    As volunteers or as paid “soldiers” in a disinformation campaign sponsored by IDF.

    We even had the link to the website which provided the software to do it. Apparently IDF was providing free internet access in exchange for their participation.

    Speaking of free, the Arabian Peninsula (where Israel is) isn’t exactly an “earthquake free zone”. It’s right at the corner of Europe, Africa and Asia and all those mountains surrounding it were tossed up by some heavy duty earthquakes.

    That can be said of most of the habitable places on Earth, so it really puts a little pressure on us to not place things like Nuclear Power Plants, Nuclear Weapons, Chemical Weapons and so forth anywhere near the places where Humans are living.

    “but Jonah,” some would exclaim, “that would mean it would be impossible for us to fight a lot of totally senseless wars of conquest and slaughter each other by the millions, perhaps billions!”

    Which can best be answered by “Help me out here, I’m just not seeing a downside to that”.

  18. Avatar Paul says:

    Stengler is a shill, a Megaphony. Here to misdirect.

    Israel was always the problem.

  19. Avatar Vox says:

    These bastards need to be boarded in buses, boxcars, whatever they came in and sent back to Eastern Europe.

  20. Avatar Selam says:

    Always Israel is right, those propaganda which are against Israel are the results of Russia and the dull and illiterate Arab leaders.
    ISRAEL ALWAYS WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Avatar ME Observing says:

    ISRAEL ALWAYS WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Genghis Khan (with his wisdom words: ”
    “I am the punishment of God. If you had not commited great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”), the Greeks, the Romans, the Incas, Mayas, British, French, soon the U.S.A., etc., all thought the same as you.

    Israel is not David anymore, but a singularly greedy and brutal Goliath that was friend with Apartheid South Africa when that country was condemned by the whole world, including the U.S.A.

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