The Joshua Paradigm…

If “We” are morally and legally required, as many have suggested, to judge “They” as in any other nation, by the most radical remarks of “Their” citizens, would “They” not also be justified in judging “We” by the most radical remarks of “our” citizens?

Let’s take as a specific case “reverend” Patrick Robertson. who said that a certain leader of a Nation in South America should be assassinated.

Further, let’s take into account that his Masters in the Bush/Cheney administration were and their minions still ARE fighting a Terroristic Covert War in that same Nation.

Let’s further go with comments by Mr Robertson and many of his fellow “ministers of the gospel” that Israel should have Killed every Palestinian, even the Babies, when they took the land.

They claim this by references to the book of Joshua. They claim that Israel, and by association the United States, is being punished now because they didn’t “Cleanse the Land”.

Never minding the fact that the Palestinians are ethnically just as much Israel as the Jews.

The “ten lost tribes”? Never went anywhere, they’ve been there ever since BEFORE Judah was carried off to Babylon.

Also the Jews who weren’t Wealthy were left behind in Judah, mostly the Babylonians carried off the priesthood, royalty and the Richest of the Judeans, NOT Israelites, Israel was a separate Kingdom.

When Jesus and laer Paul, nee Saul of Tarsus, (a tentmaker by trade and a Lawyer by profession) said “Judge not, lest ye also be judged, for with what measure ye mete judgment shall Judgment be meted unto ye”

They were re-stating what Moses and later Joshua said.

It’s one of the first principles of the Talmud.

What reason would a Palestinian, an Iraqi or an Iranian have to trust Netanyahu or any of the other Puppets of the Bush/Cheney Corporate Empire? Bush and Netanyahu shake hands, smile, joke, are very cordial to the same freaks who claim that the Iranians and the Palestinians

should be Utterly Destroyed, from the Greatest unto the least, and every beast, and every servant, man, woman and CHILD, none shall ye leave alive…

Well, Why should they?

From their point of view, punctuated by Assassins bullets, air strikes and invasions like the ones into Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza, The Empire has declared through its Spokes Freaks that Iran and Palestine should be destroyed.

Especially punctuated by more than a million deaths of the Citizens of Iraq.

The vast majority of them, like the vast majority of the Palestinians killed, Were CIVILIANS and a really disproportionate number of them Children.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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6 Responses to The Joshua Paradigm…

  1. Avatar David Stengler says:

    In the interest of currency, shouldn’t you accuse Netanyahu of being a puppet of the Obama/Biden corporate empire? Also, does Hamas have any blame in the death of Palestinian civilians for committing acts of war upon Israel and then running and hiding in schools, hospitals and mosques when Israel retaliates? Does Hamas have any blame for forcing Palestinian children to stand on top of the roofs of buildings during Israeli air strikes and stand behind Palestinians as human shields? Lastly, does Hamas have any blame in abusing children by forcing them to dig tunnels through which rockets are smuggled which are then fired into civilian areas of Israel?

  2. Avatar jonah says:

    His business dealings have been with the Reagan Bush Bush team.

    For quite a long time.

    In the interest of very real currency, as in the Almighty Dollar he and Bush and Cheney all worship as though it were a god, Bibi and the Bush Crime Cartel are making quite a lot of currency off the blood of Dead Iraqis, Dead Palestinians, Dead Israelis, Dead Afghans, Dead Pakistanis, Dead Americans,

    Plenty of Blood Money to be had there.

    And what of you David? Does your support for the wars stem perhaps from shares you hold in War Industries?

    Oopsie I was supposed to say “Defense” right?

    The only way Israel can begin to put a stop to the back and forth Hate is to stop breeding the Hate.

    I’m sure you’ll disagree.

    You’ll provide plenty of links from IDF and Likud and AIPAC and the Pentagon “proving” that they’re doing all they can to avoid breeding more hate.

    You’ll be, in short, Lying your Arse off.

    It’s nothing new.

    You know, David, we’ve had quite a large number of AMERICAN people come in to denounce us for seeking peace and for opposing the continued slaughter, but the Only Israelis who have posted or linked to the site have been the Peace Activists like the lady who shared that photograph of the head of a Palestinian Baby.

    I strongly suspect that when I look up your IP address it’s going to show that you’re in Newark, New Jersey.

    Although we did get one from Austin Texas spreading your Hate Program.

    Or should I say Pogrom?

    You dishonor God, Israel and every thing or every concept that’s Holy with your Blood Lust.

    Prove to us, David, that you’ve EVER written any letter, weblog, entry in a Forum, anything at all that EVER questioned the Official Party Line of either Likud or The American Republican Party or the Pentagon.

    Prove it.

    Not just the standard bullshit repetitive links to Hate-, War- and Death-Mongering sites and weblogs such as those sponsored by the U.S. British and Israeli Armies.

    PROVE that just once, you have EVER taken a stand for Tolerance or Peace with any of those whom IDF declares to be their Enemies.

    The standard Lies about “Israel is always Right” don’t make the grade.

    That “My Country, Right or Wrong” slogan, as far as I personally am concerned, doesn’t even apply to my OWN country, far less somebody else’s.

    Your Unquestioning Obedience to your Masters would be commendable, if your Masters were in fact Perfect and so far advanced of us Mere Mortals that they would actually have some kind of right to tell us what we may or may not do, say or write.

    Even GOD accepts questioning.

    Even the Bible says that.

    If God were not so perfect that He could withstand questioning He would have no claim to perfection.

    Israel and the United States, likewise, are not so Perfect that they are above reproach or that they should never be Questioned.

    Do you think yourself or your Propaganda to be above God, Himself?

    Or your leaders?

  3. Avatar jonah says:

    And I notice you didn’t even address the very essence of the post, just a lock-step, propaganda-filled Automatic Response to what you obviously see as unjust persecution of your “Holy” Empire.

    Thin skinned much?

  4. Oh, here’s a surprise.

    Are you sitting in Melissa’s Lap or is IT sitting in yours?

    You seem to be at the same computer.

    What, you guys can’t afford your own separate computers or is it just your own Internet connections?

    Did somebody say “Credibility”?

  5. Avatar David Stengler says:

    What business dealings have Bush and Netanyahu been involved with? What are the details of their cartel?

    You deflected my previous questions of you, so feel free to answer them at your convenience.

  6. Avatar David Stengler says:

    jonah wrote: Prove to us, David, that you’ve EVER written any letter, weblog, entry in a Forum, anything at all that EVER questioned the Official Party Line of either Likud or The American Republican Party or the Pentagon.

    I respond: I have criticized Israel’s past settlement policy in Gaza and have criticized, and continue to do so, settlements in the West Bank.

    Now, same question to you: Have you ever questioned a policy of Hamas or of past Palestinian regimes, such as that of Yasser Arafat?

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