The panic in Mexico begins to spread

sick pigThe center of the panic is El Distrito Federal, Mexico, which if you think about it a little, is exactly where one might think that an epidemic of Swine Flu might begin to happen. But jokes aside, this is a serious situation and this disease has already spread to the US, though the panic about it hasn’t quite yet. Instead, I would call it an Unease. How is it in Mexico City though? Mexico flu: Your experiences from the BBC.

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6 Responses to The panic in Mexico begins to spread

  1. Avatar Dan Chinitz says:

    Cases of swine flu have surfaced here in NYC. An illustration of why kosher dietary laws forbid eating pork

  2. Eric Eric says:

    I thought kosher laws presaged avoiding Trichinosis. What was the kosher measure taken against Bird Flu?

  3. Avatar Dan Chinitz says:

    You are correct on trichnosis, although, pigs in earlier times were susceptible to disease, in general, as a consequence of living in dirty surroundings, often in mud, and eating almost anything and everything, rendering it unfit for human consumption. Pork is also high in cholesterol, despite efforts of purveyours of pork to portray it as “the other white meat” and, thus, healthy. The “other” white meat, chicken, is not so healthy, either. A recent study found that just four ounces of red meat or pork a day resulted in a 30% increase in heart disease and cancer. Maybe the swine flu will give people pause about eating pork.

  4. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    It is incredible but the corporate press is already beginning to use the Swine Flu as supposed cause for the continued world wide economic depression! See Swine flu dampens economic outlook at Reuters

  5. Avatar Dan Chinitz says:

    Conspiracists are saying it’s terrorism and the Right-Wingers are saying it’s being brought in by illegal immigrants from Mexico.

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