Mexico starting to unravel

Tomorrow, 4 PM, is the day of the big demonstration in Mexico City to protest the brutality of the federal police attacks on the people of Oaxaca this last weekend. Friday is to be the day of the inauguration of the declared victor of the Mexican presidential election, America’s puppet, Felipe Calderon, or ‘Fecal’ as he is best known by those who oppose this electoral fraud. Mexico is beginning to unravel, and the situation of Oaxaca is just one sign of this.

Today in yet another sign of unravelling government control, the halls of the Mexican congress erupted into fist fights. Calderon’s popular support is as thin as it could come, and six years of this US propped up clown in power is more than anybody really wants to tolerate. Mexico is beginning to unravel out of control of the neoliberal regime in DC just as have other parts of Latin America. People are fed up with their native elites following the commands they get from the White House. They are fed up with their elites living high off the hog, while their own children go hungry and die from easily preventable diseases. There is no patience or desire to tolerate D.C. control any more.

And in Mexico, many people will not just sit back and watch while yet another unpopular candidate, winning by fraud, is installed into power over them once again. Many are no longer deluded that the PRI dictatorship has been replaced by genuine democracy. A two party corporate elite dictatorship is no better than a one party one in their eyes. The PAN is no longer seen as being a democratic replacement to the old PRI dictatorship, but rather as being nothing more than a neo continuation of the same old thing. Mexico is no longer waiting for real people’s democracy. They are demanding that it be theirs now, without any more false promises from their elites of change that never comes.

see Oaxaca: The End of Tolerance

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