UN Climate Change Conference COP15 should call for coping, less hoping

Kobenhavn Copenhague CopenhagenYes, we know the theme. Ich bin ein Hopenhagener. With climate change about to engulf us, today we are all Hopenhageners. I think “COPE” might be a better derivation for the summit in Copenhagen than the ol’ Obama bait ‘n switch. Anyway, do they know it’s only “Copenhagen” in English? To the Danes –and yes, they call their land Danmark– their capital is København. The anglo-centrics who bring you the COP15 “Hopehagen” campaign are the International Advertising Association, in partnership with Coca-Cola, Siemens, BMW, Dupont, plus some who did not collaborate with the Nazis. The admen behind Product Obama know full well where HOPE got us in 2008. Will they be so cavalier about addressing climate CHANGE too?

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  1. Watch Now! Australian band BLUE KING BROWN’s video “RUSH” confronting climate change and made to inspire those at COP15 summit!

    RUSH is a representation of the voices and thoughts throughout the streets, cities, towns and villages of the world…Hear us! http://www.bluekingbrown.com

    watch here:

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