What happens in Vegas, kills in Pakistan

ARMED UAS Conference May 12-13 in Las VegasHappening in Las Vegas this week: the Armed UAS Unmanned Aerial Surveillance Conference,
May 12-13, where military brass can catch up on the latest remote killing devices proving so, so popular with Pakistanis right now. (I heard a correspondent relate that the US drone attacks in Pakistan were making the people there “very, very, very, very angry.”) Wouldn’t what happens in Vegas –at a conference center or a climate controlled, video-console barcalounger at a base nearby— be akin to a terrorist training camp in the remote Hindu Kush mountains, where militants made plans to terrorize a civilian populace from afar?

1 thought on “What happens in Vegas, kills in Pakistan

  1. Eric, Naughty You! You should never point out the equivalency of the little American Eichmanns to the little Osamas out there! Haven’t you learned anything from the spanking that Ward Churchill received by our sensitive countrymen? If you don’t watch out you might get spanked, too? The TRUTH they simply don’t digg it!

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