With release of convicted Roxana Saberi, Iranian justice proves more fair than US

American TV reporter Roxana Saberi overstayed her welcome in Iran, despite the revocation of her press credentials, continuing to tape segments for pro-US-military propaganda outlets such as NPR and Fox News. She was detained, charged, convicted and sentenced earlier this year, which is more than the US has done for any of the detainees it has held for eight years, most of whom have turned out to be guilty of no crime, and all of whom the US also tortured. After much indignant hue and cry from the US, Iran has released Saberi to what may resemble the hero’s welcome given Jessica Lynch, another white girl rescued from uncivilized Islam. Will the US media bat an eyelash at the irony?

6 thoughts on “With release of convicted Roxana Saberi, Iranian justice proves more fair than US

  1. Eric Verlo is either willfully ignorant of the facts surrounding the detainees the US is holding, or he is too incompetent to be taken seriously. There is not one credible person claiming that the detainees being held are NOT terrorist combatants, not one. I say to you Mr. Verlo – provide FACTUAL proof of what you say. I dare you.

  2. What a crock of baloney! The US government was releasing its innocent POWs back in 2006 instead of trying to convict them, and you come up with this nonsense, Greg? It is crazy, you and the government both!

    They keep most of the innocent people in jail, let some go, go to court and lose their cases on others, and frame others up completely. And of course, they torture all of them in some way or another. And then Right Wingers come along and make statements like you just did! What a stupid country we live in full of stupid people. There are so many ‘credible’ people knowing that these POWs are mainly innocent that you would have to be from another planet altogether not to know that, Incredible Mr. Greg.

  3. You see – this is the mindset of a liberal. Don’t answer the question – only tear down the person who poses the question. You have absolutely no proof that EVERYONE that is a detainee is innocent. You have absolutely no proof that EVERY detainee has been subjected to actual torture. You present no evidence, no proof, nothing. This is why a site like this is marginalized in the eyes of a thinking America. I made no statements, no pronouncements – I asked you for credible proof. As you offered none, and could only attack me personally – the assumption of stupidity rests upon your own brow, not mine.

  4. Gergo.- you give yourself away when you qualify torture with “actual torture.” And by the way, in America, the burden of proof lies with the accusers, we are innocent until proven guilty. The US has come up with “absolutely no proof” against the detainees, which is why it’s held them without charges, and why it’s let most of them go eventually.

  5. Reactionaries like Greg don’t really care that innocent people are jailed and tortured though, Eric, as long as its not White REACTIONARY folk like themselves. They’re extra sensitive about that though, and would yell bloody murder if some ‘liberal’ would have some rich Fuck jailed for corruption or conspiracy.

  6. So you you two have interviewed and investigated each and every detainee? My mistake. How foolish of me not to recognize that the NAMED terrorists being held are merely innocent, caught-in-the-wrong-place bystanders. This is probably why NOT A SINGLE STATE in the Union will take any of them; because each and every one of them are pure innocents.

    You completely disregard that these detainees are not being held as a criminal would with arrest, detention, and trial. They are captured enemy combatants or terrorists, taken in the course of conflict.

    You both still use the old liberal tactic of attack the person rather than offer anything substantive. You still don’t answer a single one of my questions. You try to focus the attention on your fabrications about my character (of which you know nothing).

    I will make one statement though. Tony Logan is a racist and classist. Everything is blamed on white-this and white that and only the “rich get away with everything”. Yes, I know Tony is white, but a race-loathing one at that. His classism smacks of the unabashed communist leanings he has. Communism failed – face it.

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