Broadmoor Space Symposium to show kids the marvel of death squad drones

Banner for Broadmoor Space SymposiumCOLORADO SPRINGS- America’s biggest war profiteers convene on the Broadmoor tonight through Thursday (April 12-15) to celebrate selling weapons in space. And seriously, they’re inviting your kids.

posterUnder the guise of the wonders of space explorations, bus loads of local schoolchildren will tour the weapons exhibits, marveling at everything from satellites to yes, unmanned drones, failing to ponder why astronauts and mission probes are in the clutches of our military. They’ll see the protests outside and wonder why someone has something against Manifest Destiny beachheads in space.

1 thought on “Broadmoor Space Symposium to show kids the marvel of death squad drones

  1. The Drones are the ultimate Perfect Soldier, kill whoever they’re told to kill without question. The Humanoid Drones who control the Computerized Remote Control Airplane Drones are worse, they have the power to question and the power to resist the orders of their Murderous Masters, but refuse.

    The Non-Human drones don’t have the capacity for conscience, so no capacity for Cowardice.

    The Broadmoor, NASA, The Pentagon and the school districts don’t have the balls or the inclination to tell the kids that. So it’s left to us.

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