Can you imagine a Palestinian “boy in striped pajamas” sneaking out of Gaza?

Israelis are indignant at comparing the Palestinian Territories to Nazi concentration camps, but can you imagine a “boy in striped pajamas” crossing the security perimeter of Gaza?

4 thoughts on “Can you imagine a Palestinian “boy in striped pajamas” sneaking out of Gaza?

  1. Here is a thought for you comment section…go fuck yourselves. Just a year ago you were bitching about the nutjob Pamela Pilger but you aren’t any different.
    Again…go fuck yourselves, and take Pammy with you.

  2. Yeah, Judith, babe, we realize that Bigotry and Racism can wear the mask of Judaism as easily as that of Christianity, or whatever moralism that justifies Murder as “ordained by God”.
    There are others who see it differently, one who you might take seriously has the title “Rabbi” (Quite a few actually) Arthur Waskow

    But then, you might not. The Whackadoodledoo who was going to shoot the tour group at the Holocaust Museum was a big fan of Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh. Who actually consider themselves Zionists. I consider them to be Fat-mouth Liars who are deep in corporate pockets but, feh.

    von Brunn was after what all the Right Wing Hate-filled Shooting Spree types want, including Bibi Netanyahu. To kill.
    Bibi has other Hate-Filled Morons to do his shooting sprees for him. Kind of like Palin and Limbaugh and Beck do.

    Palin and Beck belong to groups which consider the Destruction of Israel to be a precursor that has to happen in order for the return of Jesus. So that would make them Anti-Semitic, yes?

    My namesake from the Bible, was The Single Most Hate-Filled person in the book. Even worse than Ezra and Nehemiah who were most famous for fighting the Israelites AND those of Judah who weren’t taken into captivity. A continuation of a Hebrew-on-Hebrew crime spree.
    Again, Anti-Semitic.

    Did you know that Jonah wasn’t a Jew? He was a Samaritan. From Israel and didn’t recognize the rule of the Temple.
    He hated the Assyrians so badly that he wanted everything in Assyria and especially Nineveh destroyed and everybody to die.

    That would include the Israelites taken captive, and their children. Kind of Anti-Semitic, yes?
    His descendants would be called “Palestinians” today. They might not be “racially” pure but face it, babe, they’re your family. If you can HATE your family enough to put them into a larger version of the Warsaw Ghetto, how are you going to say you Love God? (I peeked at your website that your name linked to) Tomorrow is the first day of Rosh Chassanah. Are you going to take that unrighteous attitude into another year? Refuse to atone? Make a false mitzvah?

    Or perhaps swear to God that you’ll hate His other children to the point of imprisonment and death (of the others, of course) and then dare to say that you serve Him.
    A lot of people will be making the latter choice. Too bad for them, and too bad for the rest of us.

    Netanyahu is NOT Judah, even though he’s Jewish, and he’s NOT Israel.

    Some have conflated the titles and they also take the liberty of scolding us for not supporting everything the most Hate-filled Right Wing Extremists in Israel and America say and do. They fill their blogs and their on-the-air diatribes with hatred for anybody who doesn’t support their agenda.

    You’ll of course understand if I take the liberty of assuming that perhaps you’re of that sort, based mostly on the comment about how we’re supposed to fuck ourselves.

    The most jingoistic of Americans have done the most harm to America and other Americans. I’ll say the same thing for Israeli so-called “super patriots”.
    George Bush, in the name of God and America, destroyed America and dishonored God. Netanyahu and Likud, the same for Israel, and for God.

  3. More, courtesy of a website maintained by somebody the Government of Israel refuses to admit exists, an American Moderate Arab, quoting Christian pastors and Jewish Rabbis who denounce the demagoguery, very strongly related to the Gaza Ghetto and the baby-killing invasions done on behalf of Likud

    “Rabbi David Saperstein, director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, said: “We know what it is like when people have attacked us physically, have attacked us verbally, and others have remained silent. It cannot happen here in America in 2010.” The clergy members said that those responsible for a poisoned climate included politicians manipulating a wedge issue in an election year, self-styled “experts” on Islam who denigrate the faith for religious or political reasons and some conservative evangelical Christian pastors. The Rev. Richard Cizik, president of the New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good, said: “To those who would exercise derision, bigotry, open rejection of our fellow Americans of a different faith, I say, shame on you. As an evangelical, I say to those who do this, you bring dishonor to those who love Jesus Christ.”

    That’s responding to people who can’t distinguish, or in the case of the Demagoguic “leaders” WON’T distinguish, between the religions or other organizations and the individual members therein. People who form organizations based entirely on Hate like Likud and the Tea Party. And, dare I say it? why, yes I DO, The Nazis.

    If these “leaders” like Netanyahu and Palin and their Comrades-in-Murder don’t like the comparison, then maybe the truth of that comparison will shame them into repentance of the Pure Evil they’re inciting.

    Or maybe not, in which case future generations, if Bibi and Silly Sarah don’t get us bombed back to the stone age, and writing still exists, those future generations can compare the words of moderation against the Pure Evil spewed by Likud and Tea Party and judge for themselves.

  4. What a ridiculous bunch of rubbish. Jonah is a Samaritan? Hahaha, if you say so champ but his descendants would be called…suprise…”Samaritans.” Culture defines Peoplehood and this is the same for Jews and Samaritans as it is with anyone else. People such as yourself never take aim at closed faiths like the Yezidi or Druze, but crap all over a faith where anyone can convert. Brillant

    A tip, you might want to stop the “pure bloodline” spiel. It has nothing to do with Judaism. idumaea? Ituraea? You need to maybe get a “Judaism for Dummies” before making yourself look even more ignorant little brother.

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