Turkish TV series AYRILIK shows IDF crimes in Gaza, unauthorized portrayal

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has summoned Israel’s ambassador in Ankara to complain that a TV series on Turkey’s state television station TRT1 is inciting anger at Israeli human rights abuses in Palestine. The drama series AYRILIK (“Farewell”) is set in current day Gaza, against a backdrop of the brutality lDF soldiers shown shooting innocent children of the occupation and military incursions. Israel most objects to scenes of IDF forces shown killing civilians and children. One might ask, what would you have the IDF shooting?

What crimes have not been substantiated by numerous humanitarian groups? Only Israel and the US have been blocking the Goldstone Report at the UN, which urges scrutiny of the 2009 incursion into Gaza.

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7 Responses to Turkish TV series AYRILIK shows IDF crimes in Gaza, unauthorized portrayal

  1. Avatar Deya says:

    Its about time!
    there has never been a any sort of TV show that depicts israel in its true brutal form. What else would they shoot at? I guess shooting grown men would be alright!

  2. Avatar Frankie says:

    A buddy of mine said he saw it. He said what makes it truly disturbing is knowing they’re all true stories of what the Israelis do to the Palestinians. I already shidder when reading the stories, I don’t know how I’d feel watching it acted out. But the truth needs to be told one way or another.

  3. Galina Vaks Galina Vaks says:

    Hi, I’ve stumbled upon your website and page, but I don’t understand the meaning of “not my tribe”. Could you please explain in simple laymen’s terms what it’s about?

    What does the facebook description mean?

  4. Eric Eric says:

    Galina, here’s my nutshell:
    NOT MY TRIBE repudiates a monolithic capitalist West which attempts to subvert humankind’s tribal instincts in the guise of global humanitarianism. To my mind, we need to look to our roots for a basis to come together. Example post: I have no tribe dot com slash lineage.

  5. Avatar cameron datzker says:

    I would like to address the falsity of The Turkish series, “Ayrilik”.

    First of all The scenes of the Israeli soldiers shooting innocent children is not only false but a fabrication of The Hamas. I covered The Palestinian conflict and Hamas tells so many lies that it’s leaders have long noses like Pinnochio.

    This series is based on made up trials as well as events that didn’t exist. I covered many Palestinian trials and all they did was to shoot an innocent bystander or bomb children in Southern Israel. I ‘ve personally seen Hamas leaders stage an event which never existed. I saw a Hamas leader tell me that “The World Media will buy our lies because we can intimidate them. I saw a Hamas leader stab a member of The Fatah party in day light and moments later denied ever doing it.

    Fact no. 3, Hamas uses The Palestinian people like human shields in order to fight Israel. I saw Hamas behead an Arab mother just because she was working to support her family. I saw Hamas kill a 5 year boy and days later blamed Israel for their attack.

    fact no. 4 I was in Gaza and I saw a suicide bomber blame every problem on Israelis when all knew in her village that she was a pathelogical liar.

    fact 5. I saw Hamas intimidate a young Palestnian male and beat the living crap out of the guy. may I bring up the use of
    Napom a nerve gas used by Hamas to kill an honor student and his parents.. the brutality with the Hamas monsters goes on and on and on..

    My take is the Turkish series is just another pack of lies built on other lies.. I guess that when one wants to make up a story they’ll do anything to fabricate. I would like to file a law suit against The Turkish Government for inciting a public riot as well as scapegoating people based on religion and nothing more..

  6. So, we have as evidence that the videography is false, that an Israeli Propagandist (Likud wouldn’t allow any but the Party Faithless to cover the mock trials of Palestinians) tells us that it’s all lies.

    Are all your “journalistic” endeavors so filled with hysteria? Do you have your articles heavily edited or do they get served up just as you write them, to people who expect and demand such hysterics?

  7. Avatar Hanna says:

    Well I wish more people whould have the balls to make movies and films about Israels terrorism. Everything from the US Liberty attack to the bombing of kinda vid hotel and Massacre of shabra and shatilla the list is very long. The world must learn ALL history of palestine NOT only what Hollywood and zionist controlled media wnats to show us! Freedom of expression!

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