Strip Gaza bare to put down a prison riot

1971 Attica prisonersISRAEL IS READY TO DECLARE A CESSATION OF ITS MOP UP OF GAZA? Israel moved its troops into Gaza under the pretext that Palestinians imprisoned there had rioted. As if tanks can stop the rocket fire with brute force. What society has eradicated crime by threatening collective punishment of its subjects? As jailer of Gaza and the West Bank, Israel intends to strip the Palestinians of everything: food, shelter, dignity, even their children, but then Israel will have to throw away the key.

The world won’t stand idly by, but America, Israel’s lone supporter, and financier, is being kept in the dark by a corporate media which doesn’t want to interrupt the lucrative military contracts which depend upon unrest in the Middle East.

While Israel bombs hospitals and UN shelters, and blocks every effort to bring aid to the besieged civilians, Israeli pundits divert attention to envoys purportedly trying to discuss a ceasefire. Bombing the UN headquarters, full of food supplies, not to mention 700 refugees, with no less than the chemical weapon white phosphorous, and the leading news headline on US networks, including BBC World, is a casualty-free plane crash and, by the way, Israeli envoys waving a white flag while its soldiers continue to attack even the journalists who are trying to document their heavy handed repression?!

Peace or Rest In Peace.

Why else have Israeli soldiers been targeting hospitals, food supplies and aid providers? Why won’t Israel permit aid agencies to bring relief to the Gazans? Does Israel accuse the U.N. of smuggling rockets?

Attica riotThe Qassam rockets fired by Hamas were in response to Israel failing to lift its 18 month blockade of the Gaza borders, in default of their previous ceasefire agreement.

Here’s what the prisoners of Attica were rioting about:

“We are not beasts, and we do not intend to be beaten or driven as such…. What has happened here is but the sound before the fury of those who are oppressed.”

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17 Responses to Strip Gaza bare to put down a prison riot

  1. Avatar David Haddad says:

    IIRC, the Israelis left Gaza back in ’05. The deal was land for peace. The Palestinians got the land they wanted for their own state, but, Hamas firing rockets into Israel since then doesn’t seem very peaceful.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Mr. ‘Haddad’… is that a Jewish name ‘Haddad’? You guys are just such a trip, you know? The Israelis never left Gaza and still occupy it, just as Nazi Germany never left the Warsaw ghetto. Now why don’t you take your dishonest fascist butt off our blog and go yank off at the Israeli porn sites… Girls of the IDF.. or such? I mean instead of pretending to be such a mild and mannered dude. Below is a link for you to go and jerk off to…

    and to do your accustomed thing.

  3. Avatar andy says:

    hahahahahah right on tony

  4. Avatar David Haddad says:

    Israel evacuated Gaza in ’05, except for the greenhouses that the Palestinians proceeded to burn down. Perhaps you missed the IDF forcing Israelis living in Gaza out of their homes and Jewish bodies being exhumed from their graves. I know some have an obsessive need to blame their problems on the Jews, but the Israelis called the Palestinians’ bluff and agreed to the land for peace deal. As Thomas Friedman remarked recently, in return, the Palestinians built Somalia when they had the chance to build Singapore.

  5. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Mr. ‘Haddad’, why don’t you lose the fake name and maybe we will hold a polite discussion with you on this blog. Other wise go jack off where we don’t have to watch you doing it.

    You see, when you go and pull antics like misrepresenting yourself as an Arab while speaking Zionist shit on blogs, you open yourself up for disrespect. It is kind of the same thing that Israel has done by attacking hospitals, schools, the United Nations, reporters trying to honestly report what’s going on, etc. In fact, you nauseate us instead of being in dialog with anybody here. It’s like you are throwing a giant turd at people when you misrepresent yourself in this manner. You are akin to a 60 year old male pervert cruising through chat lines for teenage girls and pretending to be one himself. Get it yet, Dummy?

  6. Avatar jonah says:

    And, Mr Haddad, the Israeli Government/Bush Regime UnterFuhrers left behind a very police state edict that the Palestinian People could not be represented by anybody who is not approved by Israel.

    Are we to assume, Mr Haddad, that the Israeli People are to blame for their government being Treaty-Breakers, and Liars, or is it merely Mr Olmert and the Rest of the Knesset who say they believe in and work for Democracy, and Freedom, while consistently denying those Freedoms and Democracy Itself to a nation which Israel claims they no longer control or run in any way?

    Or is it merely Internet Trolls such as yourself who are the LIARS?
    There’s a Jewish saying with which you might be familiar, “You piss on my leg and then try to tell me it’s Raining”.

    Your government, with the assistance of Our government, today yesterday murdered 3 children of a Palestinian Medical Doctor apparently in retaliation for making an un-authorized broadcast to a Pittsburgh Radio Show.

    Since the Israeli Government and their Masters within the Bush Regime continue to state that the Smart Weapons would only kill such dehumanized “targets” as defined worthy of death by the Cowards who wield them, and wouldn’t kill uninvolved bystanders, especially not Children.

    That means those kids must have been DELIBERATELY Targeted.

    But what would that matter to you, right? They were merely UnterMenschen in the Ghetto.

    Vermin to be exterminated.

    Your Hate matches that of the Nazis, in case you’re really too stupid to understand the Ghetto and UnterFuehrer and Untermenschen references.

    Further, it’s Anti-Semitic of YOU to assume that every Jew and Christian in the world shares in your Hatred and the Hate-Crimes of the Knesset.

  7. Avatar David Haddad says:

    Jonah, please list the sources of your information, such as the Pittsburgh radio incident.

  8. Avatar David Haddad says:

    We can go back and forth ad infinitum about Israel doing this to the Palestinians and then the Palestinians doing that to the Israelis. One action results in a reaction that results in another action and reaction. It’s an endless cycle. The way for this madness to end on both sides is for Hamas and the Palestinians to accept Israel’s right to exist and then live their lives. They need to stop wasting their time hating Israel and use their time loving each other.

  9. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    ‘They need to stop wasting their time hating Israel and use their time loving each other.’

    Oh bullshit. Is it the Zionist Love Doctor here talking today to us from the ‘Holy Land’? You ooze hate, Mr. Zionist.

    Of course Israel has a right to exist, but not as a country full of Jews declaring themselves superior and giving themselves rights abouve an beyond other peoples rights. What Mr. Zionist wants us here to accept is a ‘Jewish State’ which can kick everybody else around at will supposedly on behalf of Jews, many of whom find the idea of Israel being a ‘Jewish State’ like that rather repugnant. It does degrade the soul and you end up like ‘Haddad’, the dishonest Zionist who plays games misidentifying himself as Arab with others.

  10. Avatar David Haddad says:

    Have you even been to Israel? Israel is the only nation in the ME in which Arabs have complete rights as Israeli Jews. You would do well to direct your concern with oppression and human rights to the Arab nations. Maybe you can protest honour killings and no systems of justice, in addition to no freedom of speech, the press or religion.

  11. Avatar WYGUNSTON says:

    Israel, a country with NO MIDDLE CLASS.

  12. Avatar Sha says:

    fuck israel. bitch. mother fucker. just fuck your mother by yourself!!

  13. Avatar Sha says:

    killing jews, the only purpose of people of the world.

  14. fucking bunch of neo nazis on here with no lives who don’t know shit about Israel. Fuck u all. You little faggots.

  15. Man, y’all Hoam Skewl fanatic extremists could use a few lessons in actual writing

    I mean, c’mon, Hitler was a nut-job but he could articulate better than that shit. If you’re going to spew hatred why not learn how to do it in a way that’s understandable to people who DO know how to read?

    By the way, it gets a little bit old when people who say WE are haters because we oppose the latest incarnation of Nazism, which just happens to be owned by some people who say they’re Jewish; go on to say we should be killed for expressing any opposition to the Hate Speech war-selling Blood Money gang of thugs in Tel Aviv and Washington.

  16. Avatar betty whalley lake says:

    you are such a stupid schtik drek i could toss my cookies.

  17. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Thanks, Betty for your show of support. But at least if I replied to you on your blog (assuming you had the energy and talent to actually be able to write one???), it would be to something you had actually wrote and not to another person’s commentary altogether. I mean how brain dead are you, Betty? You are much like an idiot on the highway driving down the wrong side of the freeway and screaming at others for driving poorly!

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