Scam auction site Swipebids poses French celebrity Melissa Theuriau as generic newsperson all over the web

Penny Auction Swipebids ads feature fake newsPenny auction scammers know their audience. Stupid Americans aren’t going to recognize one phony news reporter over another, even if it’s French anchorwoman Melissa Theuriau. Imagine if Lisa Hartman’s misnamed image popped up in embedded advertorials.

Not only are fake “penny auction” news pages posing the A-list celebrity as a generic TV spokesperson, but ads have been placed across the internet, on authentic media like MSNBC. Certainly the banner ad managers of MSM websites know that Theuriau is not shilling for penny auction scammers.

5 thoughts on “Scam auction site Swipebids poses French celebrity Melissa Theuriau as generic newsperson all over the web

  1. And on both sides of the Acai Berry “controversy”.
    She’s got an unforgettable face.

    Since just any “news” anchor is an actor or poseur anyway…

    So, are they paying her for the role, at least? I’m starting to think WWW actually stands for Weird Wild Web.

    Or “Watch While”

  2. Yeah Swipebids needs to shut down, or someone needs to shut them down i should say. Seriously they give good penny auctions such a bad name.

  3. Penny Auctions give Penny Auctions a bad name.
    If you want consistent REAL bargains without having to go through the hassle of paying to bid, why not go to actual electronics wholesale online brokers?

    I’m slowly building a business involving computers and that’s where I, personally go.

    I mean, I’m going to have to answer to (hopefully) employees whose livelihoods are going to depend on me actually making SANE business decisions like where to get the supplies. I wouldn’t want them to hear from me or anywhere else that I’m risking their pensions and paychecks on something like a Penny Auction.

    If I then ever went from the Socialist model of the employees being the shareholders of the company, and tried something like that, the SEC would have the obligation to step in because it would be stock fraud.

    Not that the SEC would ever step in. It’s against their religion to ever intervene in any case on any day ending with a “y”.

    But, what would be frivolous for a business, would also be frivolous for an individual, c’est-ça?

    By the way, the links you keep putting up pointing to Penny Auction sites get disabled on a regular basis. That, too, is responsible business ethics on behalf of NMT.

  4. I’m late to the party on this, but that face as previously mentioned has been on the Acai Berry Diet controversy as well as the Elizabeth Jackson Work-at-Home (Hey, what do you know, an auction listing promotion scam) spam email campaign. It certainly is a lovely face, but man oh man does it get around the ‘net on a bunch of stuff you wouldn’t want to be associated with.

  5. Seems the Ad Company is stepping over its usual bounds of bad taste.

    I have a free email account, ad supported. I’m wondering if these were the same folks that put out Bonzi Buddy, the purple gorilla who infected Microsoft Computers around the world.

    Anyway, the one bearing Melissa’s face has a link to a parked web domain. channel9newsDOTcom
    So, that was a no brainer. Now, they’ve got something about the Federal Reserve offering re-fi on your home. You know, that toxic ARM that you worry about not being able to pay and your bank is even more worried?

    They’ve got a short animation starring the Gingerbread Man from the Shrek movies.

    See, now they’re messin’ with Big Daddy Disney, the one single corporation that’s guaranteed to sue you. Get a bootleg copy of The Lion King and you’ll have the FBI at your door telling you you’re al Qa’eda
    You’d have more luck and less consequences selling bootleg Windows7
    Not saying that Quibids or Swipebids are anything more than semi-informed dupes about how their “service” is presented. But it’s a given that Disney attorneys have their own version of how much guilt they share.

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