FBI manhunt ends for Barefoot Bandit breaking & entering, petty crime spree

After a continent-wide manhunt, US and Bahama authorities have finally nabbed the “Barefoot Bandit,” interrupting 19-year-old Colton Harris-Moore’s two-year joyride with other people’s planes, boats and summer homes, proving that when it comes to the hierarchy of crime, law enforcement packs the big guns to protect PROPERTY. Don’t have a plane? Yeah, it’s not your property they’re worried about.

Police tracking the Barefoot Bandit admit that most of the time he wore shoes. Appropriately, in custody, the fugitive teen was supplied chains and who knows what else, but not footwear. Serial borrower and Facebook hero Harris-Moore lowers his head when paraded past the press, dispelling a notion he might be grandstanding, and walks with the hesitation of a tenderfoot on the tarmac. Curious bit of stage managing.

2 thoughts on “FBI manhunt ends for Barefoot Bandit breaking & entering, petty crime spree

  1. Fat chance they’ll find Osama, they don’t even know what he looks like. Had a picture of Somebody Else on their website.

    Maybe if they’re after property crimes, they could go for the gusto and find the $10 Trillion or so that’s not accounted for. It would be fairly easy to pick up the trail, Halliburton is spending like a drunken sailor. And since members of the Board of Directors also sit on the directors of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank and the Federal Reserve, and they’ve got whole sections of the “patriot” act dedicated to hiding certain discretionary funds that go to War Contractors.. But only for “national security concerns” mind you. You have to wonder sometimes, what with the FBI’s priorities and then they even screw them up, just who’s in charge there and what did they do with their grown-ups?

  2. What an interesting name, Barefoot bandit is. I have a feeling hollywood is going to do a movie on this, and glorify it…eventually.

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