Flotilla massacre then Old Testament: Israel exacts girl’s eye for its black eye

Palestinian solidarity volunteer Emily Henochowicz was protesting Israel’s brutal raid on the Gaza relief convoy, to be more precise, she was acting as Western observer to protect the Palestinian right to protest, and she lost her eye when she was hit by an IDF teargas canister. You might have hoped Israel forces would temper their tactics after having shocked world opinion with the Mavi Marmara massacre, but no. Only the day after, IDF policemen aimed high velocity teargas rounds directly at the faces of the solidarity activists. Emily lost her eye and requires metal plates to reconstruct her face.

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8 Responses to Flotilla massacre then Old Testament: Israel exacts girl’s eye for its black eye

  1. Avatar Against Hamas says:

    The activists on the Mavi Marmara wanted a violent confrontation with Israel, so it does not seem fair to blame the IDF. Hamas wanted to create martyrs, as is their consistent strategy, in order to make Israel look bad. The embargo of Gaza is to prevent weapons and rockets from getting into Hamas’ hands.

    The entire Palestinian issue could have been resolved many times but the Palestinians have rejected all offers because their Iranian puppet masters have a bigger agenda, which is removing Israel completely.

  2. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    You have that all turned around, Mr. Zionist Spammer. The Israeli government is who wanted a violent confrontation with the Peace activists on the Mavi Marmara, so they set it up for just that. This is very similar to how police often use agent provocateurs and attack antiwar protesters in the US. Then they try to label the protesters as supposedly being violent.

    All it took was one or two Israeli infiltrators in the group onboard the ship to feign aggressiveness to help launch this IDF military assault and then pretend to the world that Israel is supposedly a poor victim of violence. That and stealing all the video evidence of the murders the Israeli military committed during their crime.

    ‘The activists on the Mavi Marmara wanted a violent confrontation with Israel’

    What makes it so sad really, is that the idiot owner of this blog actually celebrates this sort of stuff. He does it locally, too, and tries to get cops to bust heads at events here in Colorado. I guess he thinks it radicalizing and radical to do go out looking for cops to assault people?

    Is he just stupid, or is he a cop? I lean towards thinking that he’s just an idiot myself. Eric you are a clown!

    As for what happened on board these ships though? It has all the tell tale signs of being a deliberate Israeli propaganda operation and little to do with any stupid people (like Eric) in the group of activists on board that ship. At least the evidence clearly seems to point that way. Israel wanted this assault on the decent (and mainly all pacifist) people trying to break the blockade of Gaza.

  3. Avatar Against Hamas says:

    to Pilarerecto
    so because I acknowledge that Hamas wanted a violent confrontation, I am a “spammer”?

    Your post is the first I have read anywhere that Israel planted a provocateur on the ship. Do you have any factual basis or is it your own theory?

    If it’s true, then why doesn’t Turkey or Hamas state it?

    What about Hamas shooting rockets at Israel since the day Israel left Gaza strip. Do you think Israel has planted provocateurs in Hamas? And do you think the entire suicide bombing movement that Palestinians invented is also the result of Israeli provocateurs?

  4. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Turkey and Hamas basically state that the entire Israeli version of event is a big pack of fabricated lies and that the real version of what happened lies in the videos and picture confiscated from passengers of the ship.

    ‘Your post is the first I have read anywhere that Israel planted a provocateur on the ship. Do you have any factual basis or is it your own theory?’

    So if the government of Israel is telling the truth about its military being attacked during its own attack on the passengers, why have they confiscated all the video and pictures taken by these victims of Israeli aggression, Mr Israeli Spammer? And why is Israel rejecting a multinational inquiry into their military attack on the flotilla?

    You are a liar and the government you work for propaganda wise is a dishonest government, much like our own.

  5. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Here is some video of the armed assault on the unarmed Peace activists. How this video escaped being confiscated by the Israeli military I am not sure. Note that no Israeli soldier was shot though many of the peace activists were shot dead, including to the back of their heads.


    Note the grenades going off in the background as well as some sounds that appear to be the sounds of gunshots.

  6. Aside from the Video Evidence, which the IDF Death Squad confiscated as much as they could find… there’s the evidence that might SEEM circumstantial. Like as soon as the ships hit port, IDF not producing any of the “weapons” allegedly being smuggled.
    The “Hamas Terrorists” on board not using firearms, either any they would have a legitimate right to carry in International Waters against piracy, nor the ones the IDF so-called “victims” were carrying and were allegedly removed from them “brutally” by the crew of the ship.
    The release of the supposed Terrorists and alleged Gun Smugglers, if IDF actually HAD evidence that there were weapons being smuggled aboard the ships then why not have them extraordinarily rendered to Guantanamo or other GWOT Torture Centers?

    The IDF makes the claim that they had the RIGHT to board a vessel not in Israel Territorial Waters nor actually Bound For Israeli Territorial Waters. Their claim to the so called Authority over Palestinian Territory is nothing short of blatant Imperialism. Not Nationalism, because Nationalism assumes that ALL nations have equal sovereignty over their own territories.

    The IDF death squad boarding the ships bearing submachine guns and under cover of machine gun fire from the circling ATTACK helicopters and ATTACK boats then claiming to be Victims? FEH!

    Once again IDF uses advanced Chutzpah. Pissing on our legs and having their Servants come to our Free Speech websites and DEMAND that we believe the IDF story that it must be raining.

    This has more than a little resemblance to Mussolini declaring war using modern aircraft and machine guns against Ethiopian tribal peoples armed with horses and spears.

    Erlc was charitable to describe it as “an eye for eye”.
    The Eye for Eye tooth for tooth is a statute of limitations, you can’t blind somebody for knocking out your tooth, nor can you knock out the tooth or eye of a third party.

    A statute introduced when the most usual way of dealing with being made blind or toothless was to gather your tribe together and go to the village of the person who knocked out your tooth, and simply kill everybody.

    One final note, the reason for the storming of the Warsaw Ghetto… was that the German administrators accused the Jews of arming themselves against the assault they knew was coming.

    Gaza was recognized by the Knesset as being a Sovereign Nation, as in, not under the control of Israel. Until the people of Gaza elected a government for themselves which SOME Israeli officials say they don’t have a right to elect.

    That’s not Freedom any more than the “freedom” for the occupied nations of Iraq and Afghanistans to have a “democratically” elected government, where the people are “free” to elect their own representatives, just not to vote for anybody who doesn’t Grovel to the Empire.

    The IDF actions have the stench of a Police Report charging a person with Aggravated Assault for “repeatedly striking the boots of the Arresting Officer with his face, and subsequently maliciously and deliberately bleeding all over the back seat of the squad car”

  7. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Yes, the Jewish community of Israel has created its own ‘Warsaw ghetto’ for Right Wing nationalist Jews to lock whom they consider undesirables away inside. The place today is now called Gaza and instead of the residents wearing Stars of David, they get to wear labels that say HAMAS.

    Sad to say though, Jonah, I think most people today are so ignorant that they now know little to nothing about what the Warsaw Ghetto was and once symbolized for the world. American Christian ignorance is quite extreme as most voice support for Zionism like they once voiced support for European fascism.

  8. Avatar cyrene says:

    they are worse than the somali s pirates,at least they don t kill people on board,they must be judged as warcriminals

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