19-year-old American killed on flotilla did not hold Israeli dual citizenship

Among the nine martyrs shot by the IDF as they attacked the Mavi Marmara –in Israel’s nighttime preemptive enforcement of the enstranglement of Gaza– was 19-year-old American Furkan Dogan, shot in the back and four times in the face. Well the US media is diligent to describe the doctor’s son as “Turkish-American,” holding dual citizenship with Turkey, and not “American,” which might risk provoking nationalist indignation that IDF troops may have executed one of ours. Interesting distinction. The same pundits never disclaim the curious proportion of American government officials who hold dual citizenship with Israel. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Israeli-American, springs to mind, and…

The Neocon cabal of Israeli-Americans: Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Dov Zakheim, George Tenet, Michael Chertoff, Michael Mukasey, Marc Grossman, Philip Zelikow, Ari Fleischer, Elliot Abrams, “Scooter” Libby, William Kristol, Henry Kissinger, Keneth Adelman, Robert Satloff, Richard Haass, Robert Zoellick, James Schlesinger, David Frum, Joshua Bolten, John Bolton, David Wurmser, Eliot Cohen, Mel Sembler, Steve Goldsmith, Adam Goldman, Joseph Gildenhorn, Christopher Gersten, Mark Weinberger, Samuel Bodman, Bonnie Cohen, Ruth Davis…

And in the diplomatic corps: Daniel Kurtzer, Ambassador to Israel; Cliff Sobel, Ambassador to the Netherlands; Stuart Bernstein, Ambassador to Denmark; Nancy Brinker, Ambassador to Hungary; Frank Lavin, Ambassador to Singapore; Ron Weiser, Ambassador to Slovakia; Mel Sembler, Ambassador to Italy; Martin Silverstein, Ambassador to Uruguay…

And the previous administration’s Lincoln Bloomfield, Assistant Secretary of State for Political Military Affairs; Jay Lefkowitz, Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the Domestic Policy Council; Ken Melman, White House Political Director; Brad Blakeman, White House Director of Scheduling.

4 thoughts on “19-year-old American killed on flotilla did not hold Israeli dual citizenship

  1. It’ll cause a backlash against Judaism as a faith and the Jewish People. One which the “leaders” (you’ll notice, not a single one of them actually elected) are probably actively encouraging, after all, most Jews don’t have their privileges of living in fortresses.

    They obviously feel themselves to be a protected species, and will loudly denounce as anti-Semites those who carry out the pogrom they’re deliberately provoking. On their hands.

    Judaism is an extremely diverse religion, and even encompasses Islam and Christianity. Not to hear some tell it though.

    Intolerance exists in every human social structure and with Religion you have a way to use God as an excuse for your personal bigotry. Get several (hundred)(hundred thousand)(million) people to share the core of your bigotry, eh.. after a while you run into people who share your Faith but not your Hate, and who not surprisingly would be part of whatever groups your Hate Group despises most.

    Exploit your basic core faith to sell at least the implementation of your Hate to others, tricky, but doable. Just get some “unprovoked” hatred going against your entire tribe by the use of a few strategically placed atrocities on your minority part.

    By exploiting the fact that bigotry exists in pockets of every society, no matter how advanced. Poke the stick at the Other Tribe until their Natural-born Haters take the bait, and respond with atrocities of their own. And against your entire tribe without any regard to whether you agreed with the bastards who picked the fight in the first place.

    Given how easy it is to stir up Mass Murder and the fact that we’ve had the means for the past 65 years to actually exterminate ourselves, it’s miraculous that we haven’t already done so. Won’t go on forever though.

    It wasn’t a red hot 20 years after a confluence of technology and rabid ideology led to people having water-cooled belt-fed machine guns, cannon that could shoot further than you can actually see (past the horizon) and the most hot-headed political and religious leaders that we had World War One.

    The military buildups were done along the same ideological lines that today’s buildup is done. That of Mutually Assured Destruction being an actual deterrence. “Sure we’ve got enough firepower to do it, so nobody will dare fire the first shot.”

    The concept is even stupider than it sounds.

    So Emmanuel and Kristol and Libby etc like to imagine they could escape the destruction they’re unleashing on the world.
    Maybe we’ll get extremely lucky and a century from now people will be able to point back at them and say “See those guys? They were extremely stupid and almost destroyed humanity”

    One thing about rolling the dice though, the more times you roll them the more times you’ll roll boxcars. Can’t push the odds indefinitely because it’s a finite system, and sooner or later there’ll be somebody with a nuke or several thousand getting beaten by the odds. Trouble with that is, given the size of the bet, he or they won’t be the only ones losing.

  2. I find you list less than compelling. Just because someone is Jewish doesn’t mean that are a dual citizen. And yes, it is true that Israel would grant them citizenship if they asked, but Ireland will grant citizenship to anyone who had an Irish grandparent. That doesn’t make the millions of Irish-Americans who have never been to Ireland and have never applied for Irish citizenship dual citizens.

    In the same way Jews in the USA who have never sought out Israeli citizenship should not be accused of being dual citizens merely because they are Jewish.

    Your list intermingles actual dual citizens, like Rahm, with Jews with no significant ties to Israel, and is therefore not very accurate or compelling.

  3. The more significant ties would be more to each other than any national identity. It’s their clique. As to it being their Jewish non-faith, the same as George Bush and Richard Cheney with their Non-faith of calling themselves Christian, rather than their heritage, they can and do exploit it at every turn. If their loyalties to Israel are as “deep” as their loyalties to America or to God then citizenship would just be a convenience to them. Not worthy to be spat upon.

    Some of them proposed the use of Biological Warfare on the Arabian Peninsula, through their very detailed PNAC long and drawn out Confession errr… “plans” that have gotten implemented, just not on the time-scale they projected.
    Seems people are a lot harder to conquer than they believed.
    Not surprising because they’re Non-Warriors as much as they are Non-Patriots. A sadder bunch of ChickenHawks you’d be hard pressed to find.

    The Biological Agents they proposed were (and here they thought themselves very clever) to be tailored to “A certain genotype”.

    Except, that’s the SAME Semitic genotype the Jews share. Yet they’ll hurl the name of Anti-Semitism against any who oppose their plans.

    Jew or Christian, American or Israeli, just convenient tools for them to sell their war agenda.

  4. RW- You are conflating being Jewish American and Israeli American. The above list mentions government figures who hold dual citizenship. The list of officials who are simply Jewish would be much larger, and of course religious belief should be irrelevant.

    If my research is in error on any of these names, I welcome corrections.

    You raise an interesting comparison: that Ireland offers dual citizenship to those of Irish descent. Israel’s offer doesn’t have anything to do with heritage, does it? Israel makes an open invitation to anyone so long as he is Jewish.

    If Israel adopted Ireland’s model, its invitees would be 99% Palestinian. That would by the way mean abiding by international law which accords refugees of war and ethnic cleansing the Right of Return to their homes.

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