MV Rachel Corrie outsmarts Israeli navy, Hasbara pundits, US media, itself

All eyes are on the MV Rachel Corrie, but where are the pictures?! There hasn’t been a photograph of the relief ship since she left Ireland, even then in darkness. Worrying everyone that her attempt to run the Gaza blockade would be cloaked like the USS Liberty, the Freedom Flotilla straggler has pulled a fast one and approached Gaza from the East, visible from the coast of Egypt, not really.

At 4AM GMT one of her support groups Tweeted that the MV Rachel Corrie had passed Alexandria. Curious geometry that. By latitude, I could be said to round Malta everyday. The Corrie passed nothing and no one.

Is it a testament to the Zionist influence over not just the US media but the international media, that there are no live correspondents awaiting the Rachel Corrie? Even paparazzi stringers could make a fortune if they hired a boat to accost what must surely be the most famous ship since the maritime misadventure of the Sea Shepherd Society’s Ady Gil.

Free Gaza Freedom Flotilla flagship leaves Ireland for GazaThe MV Rachel Corrie set off from Ireland in darkness, prohibiting a public sendoff and certainly any good pictures. Their strategy to confront the Israeli navy during daylight presumes they will be able to cache whatever footage they get of their interception. Without third party witnesses, whatever befalls the relief ship will never see the light of day, even in the light of day.

I’ll admit it, we held a local protest on Monday in response to Israel’s violent attack on the Freedom Flotilla. It was a decent turnout for having been spontaneous, but I didn’t take any pictures, and we got no press. The only evidence that it happened rests with the cars which drove by, the passersby who approached us to defend Israel being right no matter what, and our own memories of feeling like we did something. I hate that kind of activism.

If an activist pushes a tree over in the woods, but nobody is there to see it, that gesture hasn’t activated anyone.

Photos of the Rachel Corrie have been so sparse that media outlets are still using the image used on the Corrie’s unveiling, featuring a Photoshopped logo on her stern. Her previous name was still the Linda, but enthusiastic activists no doubt wanted to get the ball rolling.

UPDATE 6/5: And there she is finally, we can now see her being guided into port by Israeli pilots. If the IDF account is to be believed, the activists offered the boarding party a ladder. So there it was, broad daylight, not a reporter present, in international waters where observers would have had every right to be.

Was all the reaction to the violence visited upon the Mavi Marmara all bluster? Did the various Free Gaza enterprises receive additional donations or no? Italy ad Greece are teeming with multimillion dollar motor yachts with helipads which could have steamed to the scene.

Apparently online fans didn’t get the memo that the cruise of the Rachel Corrie was to come to naught. Neither Al-Jazeera, Russia Today or Press TV were preparing for breaking news. To say nothing about CNN or Sky. Not even in Gaza were authorities preparing for an auspicious arrival.

Did it happen? I was beginning to wonder if the MV Rachel Corrie existed at all. Imagine donors and well-wishers and even the seasick crew told this is about aid, not publicity. It’s about one shipload, not the hundred ships Gaza needs. It seemed a cruel joke to make Gazans hopeful based on an effort that was never tangable, and then ultimately would never reach them.

Did the Rachel Corrie really want to get through? Is it enough to travel the ocean to place your offering at the feet of the wall, as opposed to trying to pierce what you accuse to be an illegal blockade? What do you gain by submitting to your assailant, especially if no one’s watching? This humanitarian effort for the people of Gaza became like a Frisbee thrown vaguely in their direction. Except the Palestinians aren’t at liberty to run and catch it. From afar we can only shout, “Sorry!”

4 thoughts on “MV Rachel Corrie outsmarts Israeli navy, Hasbara pundits, US media, itself

  1. this oil leak is worse than americas attack on the church of the nativity courtesy idf

  2. Reagan got all swoll (sorry, Texas term there) about Libya claiming sovereignty over the harbors at Tripoli, and sent “his” Navy in to “slap down the tyrant”.
    Real easy to gain a reputation for being Tough if you have a big enough GANG OF THUGS to back you up. Reagan himself was a pussy and I’m glad he’s dead, of course, but …

    The IDF isn’t actually “defending” any Israeli Territory, Gaza doesn’t belong to Israel, nor does the entire seas. Just as Ronnie Ray-gun didn’t own Tripoli.

    They’re still spreading the Terroristic Lie that they have the absolute right to board ships bound For AN ENTIRELY SEPARATE NATION. One of the things they Imperiously prohibit is building materials. They say that weapons could be constructed with them.

    Weapons like barricades and reinforced buildings that could withstand The Mighty Imperial IDF Storm Troopers when they storm the Gaza Ghetto the next time. Just like the U.S. Army storming into country after country and Arresting and Torturing anybody who “arrogantly” stands against “our” Mighty Imperial Storm Troopers. Or, like their IDF goon squads do in Gaza, kill their babies.
    Seems the right to self defense only applies to aggressor nations. All in the name of “Freedom” too.

  3. I commenting about Robert Fisk’s analysis of the Gaza Flotilla Massacre, I wrote the following

    What does the Obama regime have to say about all this, World Peace Movement?

    ‘….poor old honorable Goldstone (who wrote the Goldstone Report about IDF conduct in Gaza), himself a prominent Jewish jurist from South Africa, slandered as “an evil man” by the raving Al Dershowitz of Harvard – and was called “controversial” by the brave Obama administration. “Controversial”, by the way, basically means “fuck you”.’

    Fisk said it, and not I. The Obama regime said to us all…

    ‘FUCK YOU!’

    Care to comment about what Robert Fisk wrote, Jonah?

  4. I would say that anti-Zionist forces control the world media. How else to explain that Israel has withdrawn from Lebanon and Gaza, yet is still labelled “expansionist” ? Israel offers a Palestinian state at Camp David in 2000 and Palestinians respond with an intifadahaha, including suicide bombings of seders. And the media calls Israel the violent party and the Palestinians are labelled victims?

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