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Help this Settler-Zombie video go viral before totalitarian zombiehood spreads

OMGoodness, finally a settler video to go viral. There’s no bashing of Palestinian heads, no brandishing of guns, no drunken West Bank Settler mob on the rampage, nothing Youtube can censor, it’s pure comic theater! Here is a proverbial fat … Continue reading

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In the struggle for Middle East land, Palestinian violence will always win

Israel can build all the new settlements it wants, take heart, it only takes one horrific Tate-Labianca-like crime scene to curb the Zionist homecoming charade. Israel can terrorize Gaza to smithereens, the Palestinians have nowhere to flee. American Jews on … Continue reading

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Flotilla massacre then Old Testament: Israel exacts girl’s eye for its black eye

Palestinian solidarity volunteer Emily Henochowicz was protesting Israel’s brutal raid on the Gaza relief convoy, to be more precise, she was acting as Western observer to protect the Palestinian right to protest, and she lost her eye when she was … Continue reading

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IDF targets al-Jazeera on West Bank

Did you catch it on Democracy Now? Al-Jazeera reporter Jackie Rowland, broadcasting live from the West Bank covering the weekly Palestinian protests of the Israeli Apartheid Wall at Bil’in, was interrupted by the IDF. The protesters were accustomed to being … Continue reading

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Strip Gaza bare to put down a prison riot

ISRAEL IS READY TO DECLARE A CESSATION OF ITS MOP UP OF GAZA? Israel moved its troops into Gaza under the pretext that Palestinians imprisoned there had rioted. As if tanks can stop the rocket fire with brute force. What … Continue reading

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