Give the homeless a hand, not the boot

HomelessIs the Colo. Springs homeless camping ban a done deal? Nonsense. The City Council has yet to ratify the ordinance, so there’s still time for city officials to reconsider a higher road. The decision last week weighed only two options: doing something or doing nothing. The police chief carefully avoided detailing the real alternative to criminalizing the poor. Help them.

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2 Responses to Give the homeless a hand, not the boot

  1. Our incredibly verbose “friend” invited us to the meeting.

    A meeting moderated and controlled by her friends the Real Estate Thieves who make up the City Council and their Thief of Police Liar Meyers.

  2. Avatar Rita Ague says:

    With “friends” like Janis Heuberger (a.k.a. ? ), who needs enemies, or evil demons? She is evil personified, screaming and attempting to drown out and draw attention away from the homeless as they hold up their signs, as they ask for mercy – begging not to be considered criminals and jailed for being poor and not having a roof over their heads.

    J. Heuberger’s attempts at intimidation and mortification of people needing help not brutalization reeks of the U.S. of (greed and power) A. ddiction at its worst, here in “American the Beautiful City”. More and more folks nationwide are beginning to ask “WHAT THE H____ IS GOING ON IN COLORADO SPRINGS?” The answer is rooted in years of brutality beyond belief against peace and justice advocates. Now the homeless are the ones catching ‘no civil rights’ and ‘loss of rule of law’ criminal treatment by the powers that be in this police state city.

    Attention folks out in La La Land: Lodd of Super fusion is super bruisin’.

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