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Speaking of Nicaragua…

The Artist, formerly known as School of the Americas, THE largest and best funded State-sponsored Terrorist Training Camp in the world, whose alumni include some of Colorado Springs cops, (as I understand, some of the “Homeless Outhrach” officers) used some of the Trainee Terrorists to disperse and arrest and beat down peaceful protesters at their “school” last week. You know, give the cadets a little first hand experience at beating down civilians. Kind of like these guys.
Real Freedom Fighters there. They fight freedom whenever it rears its lovely head. Then, far from being embarrassed at their outrageous lies about fighting for Freedom, they instead send one of their number to make retarded comments about anybody who, unlike him or his FELLOW SCUMSUCKING PIGS, keep the memory alive.
What’s the matter, PIGS, Can’t handle it when people point out your lies and hypocrisy, you have to send a puke like Stephen Patch in to talk smack?
Or have the ACLU put down like mad dogs for not joining in with the Pigloving Sucks who applaud the actions of the Fascist Storm Troopers.

Real wonderful people, yep. We’ll get some more actions like that as long as Some People, who love licking pig jackboots, not only refuse to take a stand but attempt to demonize people who DO. Sad that some of them, and here’s another Nicaragua tie-in, work for CATHOLIC charities in town. You remember the Catholic Church, right? Some of the S.O.T.A. graduates ran STILL RUN a Terrorist Operation against people in Nicaragua and El Salvador and Guatemala and Honduras and Costa Rica and Mexico,Death Squads against Catholic organizations who promote social justice. Won’t find any of the Colorado Springs Gestapo or their accomplices, even in the Catholic Church, protesting against that. Even though some of the most famous acts of terrorism the U.S. Military and their S.O.T.A. graduates committed in El Salvador and Nicaragua were attacks on Catholic schools, hospitals and orphanages.

Yep, them Contras sho does love them some babykillin’, and with the full support of the Colorado Springs establishment.
Like I wrote, we’ll be seeing more of these State-Sponsored Terrorist Acts here.

The Law, in its Majestic equality, forbids rich and poor from being alike

At least when it comes to Urban Camping. Seems the “no camping” ordinance didn’t apply at the mall when Greed rather than Need was the motivation to take to the tents. People started camping out early Thanksgiving day to be the first in line for “doorbuster” specials on Black Friday. How about it, Doug, Janis, Sean, Lionel? Chief Meyers? Sheriff Mussolini errr Maketa? How about it Tame Ass Right Wing Media in town, Praising the HomeFull campers for their bravery in voluntarily pitching their tents with plenty of police protection, unlike anything the HomeLess PEOPLE ever got.
Hypocrisy, thou hast a name, and thy name is Colorado Springs Establishment.
Maybe they could redeem themselves by publishing stories detailing how many of those purchases were made on Credit and in 6 months how many of the Credit Cards used are in default. Black Friday is allegedly a Triumph of Capitalism. Yes, once again the Corporate BigPigs got the commoners to push themselves further into debt which they’ll never be able to repay. What a lovely victory that is!

Another battle looming for the Very Rich vs. Very Poor?

The Gag-zette, our local Right Wing Extremist “newspaper” ran a fluff piece as a headline Sunday. Saying that draconian laws forbidding poverty to be seen within the walls of Emerald City had “positive results”. Translation: The Rich Bitches are about to sick the Colorado Springs and El Paso County Gestapo departments on anybody who even looks poor.

Much like the Racist Border Patrol and their even more Reactionary Hatemonger Klan Auxiliary the Minutemen have given themselves the license to beat down anybody who dares to go around “looking Mex”.

The Anti-Working Class laws like the Homeless Camping Ordinance are applauded by our Cheerleaders for the Rich Bitch Masters like Michelle Malkin and Tom Tancredo and Dan Maes. Maes and Tancredo are running for Governor on the Racist Hate Platform. Good news, though, the annual Stand-Down which is specifically targeted toward homeless PEOPLE who are also military veterans. A huge proportion of the people who are without adequate shelter in fact. Something the Reich Wing won’t tell anybody because they’re still trying to convince young kids that joining the Army is actually a fast track to success. Local number for Coordinators October 14, 2010 Colorado Springs, CO Jack Freeman 719-667-5588

And that link points the same way this one does, to a VA website with some good info on a nationwide basis. You’ll have to scroll down to September and go from there, it’s for all of 2010.


New socks.

There are hand-warmers which activate by contact with air, HotHands is one brand, ToastyToes… They could be a lifesaver and cost about a buck per package.

Liquid soap. A lot better than bar soap for the backpack.

“3 man” tents. Actually, 1 person and a dog tents but that’s how they’re sold, $20 apiece brand new and scaff up as many as possible from the ARC, Goodwill, DAV, whatever thrift stores. If you’re going to donate used equipment of any kind, clean it first.

Sleeping bags. Same scenario.

There are insulating windshield stretch-across thingies <–esoteric engineering term there and if you didn’t understand obviously you’re not an engineer. They’re specifically designed to shade your car interior on very sunny days so your seat doesn’t burn your butt when you get in. They’re also packaged as survival blankets and they charge about 10-20 times more depending on where you buy them. God never told us to be stupid so go to like Dollar Tree and scaff up as many of those as possible. Two of them would cost, at a dollar apiece, working working working oh yeah $2.14 (sales tax you know) and combined with a blanket makes a sleeping bag bedroll that will save your important parts, in case of extreme cold.

Which we actually HAVE extreme cold in Colorado.

Canned Heat. Aka Sterno. If you buy it AGAIN, ignoring labeling, what it is, wood alcohol suspended in paraffin, buying the label could cost you more so look in Dollar stores in Party Supplies, they’re used to keep pans of food hot. One of those, a can of water and something blocking the wind makes an excellent radiant steam heater. At the Dollar Tree type stores you get two for a buck.

Camping supplies, I’m wondering if the Shitty Hall types would consider that "aiding and abetting" people violating the Camping ordinances. In that case though, they’d have to prosecute WalMart and Big 5 and other stores which sell them new for about a day’s wages.

It would be about the kindest and most meaningful way to give help to those who need it, meanwhile (politely) giving the upraised middle finger to the Fascists, who really need THAT. Actually they need it inserted up to the elbow but that’s another story.

Biggest Advertising Faux Pas

Just cruised by a TV. Tonight the diet-and-exercise show Biggest Loser… which has promotional sponsors who for one show hawk their wares, apiece, usually a food related sponsor, or Pilates, or something like that. Campbell’s Soup, SubWay, Wendy’s. Tonight… the United States Army.
OOOPS. So the Army, which is trying desperately to claim the victory, the Win, the everything-but-utter-defeat… is sponsoring “The Biggest Loser”.

For those who aren’t in the know, the Army really doesn’t promote itself as a place to straighten out your life or get physically fit or emotionally together.
They figure if you’re not a grown up too bad, if you’re out of shape they’d rather you didn’t apply, unless they’re digging for numbers and cannon fodder. Contrary to their advertising of course. Also they don’t consider themselves to be a College Prep school nor an employment agency, even though they vaguely hint at it in their ads.
They don’t want to advertise the shocking numbers of Combat Vets who are unemployed and or homeless.
Speaking of, it’s almost time for the annual Stand Down, which, this year, takes place against a backdrop of Criminalized Homelessness. What a lovely and patriotic gesture the CSPD and Sheriff Maketa’s Gestapo are going to present!
Oh Well. Oh Hell.