Homeless Rally Friday downtown

Homeless rally Colorado SpringsWHO: People of Colorado Springs
WHAT: CFP Rally for the Homeless
WHERE: City Hall
WHEN: Noon Friday FEB 5
WHY: Because homelessness is not a crime!

Coloradansforpeace have a 12-24 person sign and extra placards.

2 thoughts on “Homeless Rally Friday downtown

  1. Dayummm. I forgot all about it. You ever see somebody kick himself? It’s an awesome sight… really hard to do too.

    Eric, Ed, whoever is monitoring the emails,… Don’t forget, in case I can’t get down there, There’s a case where a HomeMore person beat a HomeLess person to death with a ball bat last year. There were witnesses, aka Accomplices. That’s the kind of Hate Crimes the anti-homeless PERSON propaganda attacks generate.

    People taking it on themselves to raid homeless PEOPLE’s camps and destroy anything they don’t consider worth stealing, same thing. News just on…

    4 stories so far, one about the jobs situation…
    Temporary jobs at Home Depot.
    6 stories and counting, no mention yet of our story.

    Feel Good story about a truck driver.
    9. Airline cancellations due to weather.
    Current weather.
    15 stories still no mention.

    Cut to first commercial with Weather next.

  2. And, the story on channel 5 news at 10.
    Wonder if or how they’ll spin it, they sure have been pushing the notion that every Homeless PERSON is either Crazy, Lazy or Hazy from Chemicals and the Dark Criminal angle thrown in.

    El Pomar foundation is pledging to set up a “shelter” where the putative Dispossessed will be housed.

    Maybe I’m overeaching here, but it seems like they should put a sign up on the front door saying “Arbeit Mach Frei”.

    Or that the Wackenhut Slave Corporation might run the place.

    Maybe they’ll bill the State too, the way Wackenhut Slaves, Inc. bills the state for their halfway houses.

    Not “imprisonment” oh, gracious no. They’ll call it a Therapy program for the disease of poverty. Which the State will partially fund and private foundations like El Pomar, and of course the Priso.. errr… “patients” will be expected to work at one of the Labor Contractors who are going to have an amazingly similar Board of Directors roster, and the Priso… “patients” will be required to turn over a third of their incomes to Wackenhut Slaves, Inc.

    Notwithstanding the fact that Labor Contractors typically make 3 times as much as the Slav… errr… “independently contracted Day Labor employees” make from the exact same work performed by the exact same “employees”.

    I smell the rise of something deadly here.

    All in all, a typical business arrangement trading in human bondage and suffering.

    Nothing to see here, citizen, keep moving, nothing to see…

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