Springs homeless not a bunch of bums

Rally for Colorado Springs homeless
Photos, videos and links from the Friday rally.

More pictures here.

The weirdo was Janis Heuberger who’s made it a personal crusade to cleanse Colorado Springs of its homeless. Though she interrupted the rally pretending she was an active advocate for the homeless, in reality she’s led the attack against them, online (writing at GT as “funinsnow” )and in city council. Janis, aka disbarred realtor Janice Heuberger-Hilt, filed a complaint with the EPA in her personal effort to clear out the camps.

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128 Responses to Springs homeless not a bunch of bums

  1. Avatar Janis Heuberger says:


    This site is already littered with incorrect information about people and subject matters.

    Peace & Love

  2. Eric Eric says:

    This thread has now exceeded my limit for “I know you are/what am I” iterations.

    Except for examples of satire, all information on NMT aims to be truthful. Otherwise what is the point? As you were forewarned, we do not tolerate insincerity.

    Differences of opinion often can’t be resolved; your repeated contradictions, supported by erroneous citations, become simply too laborious to address.

    Janis –legal name Janice A. Heuberger: we now cut you loose to sloppier pastures.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Ok, so that’s Rick Wehner. A fellow Texan coming to the same conclusion? Imagine that if you will.

    Your team keeps coming up with the information on Crime vis-a-vis the Homeless Citizens which have no source other than that of the cops. Yes, I do believe their corruption is absolute.

    Certain well-intentioned yet not well informed citizens have for the most part given them carte blanche and absolute immunity for any crimes they commit, and absolute powers.

    There was a case in Bossier City Louisiana where they gunned a man down, the cops were a moment before commenting that he was speaking on his cell phone, then they shot him in the back 8 times. More than 12 other bullets missed him. Shot… Him… in… The… Back…

    Then claimed he was turned facing them and pointing a gun at them. Then claimed that his cell phone looked like a gun. The same cell phone they already knew was in his hand.

    The “Back the Badge” crowd went out in force to hire lawyers and Whine and Snivel about how these poor abused Murdering Pigs were “persecuted” because there was an investigation by the Internal Affairs Division, which, Surprise Surprise, Cleared their fellow PIGS within an hour.

    The “Back The Badge” held a fundraising barbecue hosted by none other than David Dukes. The Ku Klux Klan came out in force to support their Murdering Pig Komrades. The Ku Klux Kops who did the shooting were all white, the REAL Man they shot in the back 8 times was black.

    And every accusation of racism was met with “They” always say that.

    Like the joke about the bus load of blacks going off a cliff into a ravine, sheriff sends the deputy down to see if there’s any survivors, deputy comes back says “they’re all dead” Sheriff says “you sure?” Deputy says “yeah, some of them said they weren’t but You Know How They All Lie”

    Ha Ha Ha… A Kop told me that one. Real Damn Funny.

    But it reflects a real attitude that people seem to have that the Pigs can do no wrong, murder an unarmed man on camera then claim it was self defense.

    Ever hear a Pig, any Pig, ever question whether shooting a man in the back 8 times might not actually be self defense?

    I bet you haven’t and I know I certainly haven’t.

    They beat this attitude into me, lady. You don’t like it that I express contempt for them, too bad.

    I’m not the only one either, Police Brutality is endemic. It’s part of their job. A lot of the other PEOPLE you’ll meet in Tent City or at the Soup Kitchen have similar experiences yet you demand that any solution involve the use of the Police.

    The sadistic, hate-filled Control Freak Fascist Pigs.

    I know, some of the Pigs SAY they aren’t like that…

    “But you know how they Lie”. Scurry off and tell your friend the Thief of Police how he’s being maligned.

    Telling people who have been on the receiving end of Brutality isn’t going to get YOU anywhere.

  4. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Oh. Never mind.

  5. Avatar stormtrooper says:

    As you can see by my screenname, I’m a huge Star Wars fan. I also collect T-shirts.

    What I was wondering is, for $19.95, do the St. Patty’s shirts come autographed by Officer Wrede?

  6. Eric Eric says:

    Wear it in Colorado Springs and go exercise your right to free speech, you have a good chance of meeting him.

  7. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    ah yes…I need one of those tshirts.

  8. Avatar stormtrooper says:

    I’m sure he’s just misunderstood.

  9. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah, I know.

    Shoot into a crowd, even if the bullets are plastic, tear gas a few hundred people and tazer, choke-hold and drag some elderly and disabled folk and people start condemning you.

    When does a cop get to feel the love?

  10. Avatar Robert F says:

    Dear Brother,
    I too was homeless for a time. The problem with many homeless people is they don’t have any ambition to better their situations. Whether that be due to addiction, mental illness of just a full indignation for societal expectations.
    In my case, I wanted to better myself. I wanted out off the streets and I worked hard to make it happen. I was 17 when my mother (an abusive alcoholic) put me out. I lived for a year on the streets of St Louis MO. I camped behind a Wal-Mart store on warm nights, and in a shelter on cold ones. I ate scraps from restaurants because in St Louis, they don’t have the plethora of services they have here.
    One night, I was setting up my box, when a man approached me. He was well dressed and had a nice car. He propositioned sex from me, and when I refused, he pulled a gun on me. Luckily for me, there were a few other homeless in the area and they came to see what the commotion was, and he got scared and took off.
    That was the day that I decided I wanted off the street. So, I went to a church that I had once attended with my family. I spoke to the minister, who put me in touch with a family placement counselor. I was offered a room in a home for homeless teens for a short period, where I was able to finish high school. Once I finished high school, I enlisted in the Army and served 8 years. I learned the skills I needed to make it in the world. I now have a good job with benefits, a loving family, a home of my own and money in the bank. But to get there, I had to work hard. Take assistance where it was available and press on when things didn’t go my way. I didn’t give up, and I wouldn’t take no for an answer. I also refused to fall into the cycle of addiction that had plagued my family for generations.
    As for the homeless problem here in good old Colorado Springs; people aren’t seeing the bigger picture. No one is tempering compassion with common sense and practicality. They either want to see them gone, or left alone. No in between! The fact is that having the homeless camped out along I-25, in the heart of the most visible part of the city is bad for business, thus hampering job creation and causing more people to hurt for work. They are an eyesore and a public nuisance. They make the public spaces of the city unusable for the 98% of citizens who would like to utilize these areas. They scare people because many are criminals, addicts or volatile mentally ill. For the sake of the greater good, they need to be removed or relocated. That’s the fact of things.
    Now, in their defense, too many of these so called religious groups need to do their part to show gods compassion. They need to open up their coffers and buy these folks bus tickets to other cities where they will have more opportunities or can be with family. The citizens here have to understand that homelessness is not a crime, and stop harassing the peaceful portion of this homeless community.
    If people want to truly help, they need to take a chance on these folks and open up their door and offer those who want them jobs. Stop enabling lazy behavior by bringing supplies to them, and give them a chance to earn those supplies. I hear stories of people who want to work but no one will hire them. There is a certain pride in a wage well earned. If they don’t do a good job, by all means fire them. But until they are given a chance, how will you know?
    As far as a temporary housing solution goes. The old camper’s village would be perfect, but the owner of that property wants 3 million dollars for it. Much more than it is worth (I asked one of the homeless outreach officers about it). So that is off the table. But, there is a parcel of land that the city owns, right next to the impound lot off Las Vegas. It is close to DETOX and is right on several bus routes. The city could put up a tent, like the one used to house the work release inmates at CJC. It can be sectioned off inside so that single men, single women, couples and pets could all have a space. They could have temporary latrines and the cost would be minimal. Of course there would have to be some rules that the occupants would have to comply too, but such is life in a civilized society.
    Those who refuse to either partake of the available services or take a bus ticket, can simply pack up and go. No one is stopping them, and it frees up the services and money for those who want it.

    Thanks, P

    Oh, and I love the site. Its cool to have a different perspective than what is offered by the gazette.

  11. Avatar Johnny says:

    Interesting site I never knew !

  12. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah, we take on all issues and most of it will land us afoul of the Establishment.
    Considering where the Establishment stands, I’d call that one a “Win”.

  13. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Anyplace near the CJC there’s not much bus service. And E. Las Vegas is a really miserable place to bike on once you get past Wahsatch.

    Unfortunately, what jobs there are in town ain’t near there.
    I could have saved Mayor Rivera and of course the city a million bucks before the crash. He authorized a private consulting firm to work out what was wrong with the city for if I recall correctly, a million and a half.
    They came up with “the springs needs to draw more rich people, and by the way, nobody trusts City Hall” DUH….

    If they had paid me a half million to tell them that they would have saved a million.

    There’s a dwindling supply of Rich Folks. Since actual wealth as in resources won’t go up or down in availability, that simply means fewer people are getting more of the money.

    Not like it actually started out being an equitable system.

    Capital does have that built in entropy.

  14. Avatar Sharon A Heuberger says:

    Please let it be known that our family does not support Janis’s opinion’s or view’s . Thankyou

  15. Finally somebody decided to talk about this. I am happy. Thanks for sharing this and making it worth my read. Seriously. I appreciate it.

  16. Avatar Janis Heuberger says:

    Ordinance will be voted on again today – Camping will be illegal in the City of Colorado Springs in 10 days.

  17. Avatar jh says:

    Brother Jonah,
    Have you researched to see if the Mossad is behind this awful movement to exterminate the homeless? I’ll bet if you dig deep, they’re probably behind it.

  18. Oh, not Mossad, Ms Beep-beep. I bet your organization gets a fat healthy dose of city funds to administer the Pogrom though.

    Minus your kickbacks to Rivera and Meyers and Paige, of course, but it’ll still be a healthy chunk of change.

    Bet it’ll be the first time you orgasmed since you killed your last boyfriend.

  19. In other words, you spiteful bitch, you and your rich colleagues get to demonstrate that Might Makes Right once again, and any poor PERSON who dares to think himself your equal, you’ll just sick your Boyfriend-pimp Meyers and his Pig Thugs on him.

  20. What a pathetic “kingdom” you run.
    Alle Sieg Heil am der UnterFuhrer Janis!

    Heil! Heil! Heil!

  21. Avatar jh says:

    Ah, Brother Jonah. I’m not Janis. Just have the same initials. Maybe I’ll change my name so I don’t have to be associate with that person. And I am on your side, bro. I’m serious about the Mossad. You should look into them. They are behind 95% of the world’s problems and it’s sick that they are going to get away with brutally assassinating that Hamas freedom fighter while he was vacationing in Dubai.

    Check this out: http://www.theflucase.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=700:microbiologist-alleges-baxter-qswine-fluq-vaccine-is-a-bioweapon&Itemid=64

    I’ll bet they have a hand in our struggle, too. Keep the faith, bro.

  22. If you are her, you’re getting a little sharper about the IP addresses. Or not.

  23. Avatar Sharon A Heuberger says:

    Janis has no conscience so beware I know first hand

  24. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    Thank you sharon for your support, My condolences for Janis being an embarassment to your family. She succeeded in getting council to outlaw homelessness, and rest assured this will not go away. I will keep fighting for the homeless. As for Janis, She has set the stage for her own bad Karma to come, I need not do anything as far as she is concerned, Karma will take over from here.

  25. Avatar Sharon Heuberger says:

    I will pray for your plight. I watched the council video’s and was appalled

  26. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    I confess, this is no easy plight, but it can be accomplished. I am hoping that the homeless do not become victims of police brutailty.
    Again Sharon, I thank you for your support.

  27. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    Hey JH, I read that article and it wouldn’t be such a shock to find out that Janis Hueberger or the Colorado Springs City Council are associated with that. These people will stop at nothing to try and bring a whole population to their knees.

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