Karl Rove hides in Borders kids section until CSPD police officers called

Karl Rove book signing at Borders April 18, 2010
BRIARGATE MALL, COLORADO SPRINGS- The good news is that Borders will not eject you for an objectionable t-shirt. But they do not hesitate to have CSPD officers revisit you four times to tell you that you remain at their discretion. Mall security on the other hand believes you have no rights outside the sliver of sidewalk at the parking lot’s edge. Today, everyone unmasked as a protester was kept one floor removed from where Karl Rove was signing books and posing for pictures in the children’s section upstairs, but we were able to parade our ARREST KARL ROVE message before those lined up to see him, and that line subsided an hour before the event was scheduled to end. Ha ha.

1 thought on “Karl Rove hides in Borders kids section until CSPD police officers called

  1. Damn, what’s this world coming to? A War Criminal can’t go around promoting his book boasting of lying in order to get thousands of Americans and a literally uncounted number of “enemy” civilians forcibly evicted from the planet. (killed) without somebody coming around reminding him that it’s crimes against every religion and every secular legal system to do Murderous Cowardly Dishonest actions like that.

    Why can’t those mean old Morally Conscious Individuals just let bygones be bygones, and allow the Crime Regime back into full power in the next electoral cycle?

    I mean, the Crime Cartel has vocally and publicly and shamelessly confessed their crimes, just they don’t consider them crimes is all.And keep announcing beforehand in a manner that seems almost like is Exactly Boasting that they intend to do it again and again.

    Nothing to see here, citizen, keep moving, nothing to see…

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