Israel racism legitimation day April 20

Of course in America now every day is Holocaust Remembrance Day, not just April 20; as more US metropolises erect their own Holocaust museums, and the preponderance of our primary schools fit Holocaust-themed books into every reading or social studies program for every grade, every year. Let’s dedicate this April 20 to remembering what was the process that led western nations to conclude that the victimization of the Jewish people alone, not the genocide of the Gypsies, nor the larger Nazi eradication of the Slavs, merited compensation in the form of somebody else’s homeland. By coincidence the guilt we commemorate is somebody else’s too. How much more appropriate when someday we atone for the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, in restitution awarding them of their own land, Israel, usurped for a imperial-tourism colony whose apartheid identity a civilized society can no longer condone.

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  1. I had written in an earlier post on my blog how different the world would be now, if the West had taken the advice of the Saudi King at the end of WW11, who suggested to President Roosevelt that he should give Germany to the Jews, as its only fitting to give them the land of their vanquished enemies, being the bedouin way…

  2. Israel has one of the strictest set of anti-racism laws of any country in the world and the only country in the racist Arab Muslim Middle East that prohibits any acts and expressions of racism, punishable by imprisonment.

    The Israeli Declaration of Independence guarantees equality of all Israeli citizens.

  3. I grew up in Texas, so I know Racism. For the first decade of my life it was illegal for a “white” person and a “colored” person to date. Much less get married, have sex, have kids. That makes mixed “race” persons officially bastards.


    It’s a level of Racist Thought, institutionalized and enshrined in the laws not only of about 14 of the states, mostly in the south, but also in the Constitution of the United States. In the Original Intent so beloved by Our Friends the TeaBags, for instance mandating the Census for purposes of representation, black PEOPLE were counted as 2/3 of a person apiece, Indian PEOPLE not at all.

    And of course persons who were born completely without liberty, by reason of their race, had no access to Petition The Government For Redress of Grievances, as shown in the Dred Scott decision.

    After the forced Emancipation of the PEOPLE who had their liberties removed before birth, there were measures taken to make sure they would never achieve the status of full citizenship. The Constitution was amended to thwart that, with an “equal protection under the law” clause. Then came the doctrine of “Separate But Equal”… one of THOSE laws, you know, like the Mosaic Law about an Eye for an Eye… meaning, you can’t take MORE than an eye for an eye, you can’t knock somebody’s eye out for knocking out your tooth, you certainly can’t Kill the person and most definitely cannot kill other persons who were not party to the knocking out of your tooth.

    When the Brown v Board of Education case was decided, that Apartheid could NEVER provide the equality necessary for the separate portion of Jim Crow laws, the Segregationists vowed to fight it forever. They still do.

    In Texas, and here in Colorado, there’s a really retarded tee-shirt, bumper sticker/lawn sign featuring a Confederate battle flag with the legend “Not Hate-Heritage” Meaning, “We don’t hate Nigras, we just think it’s perfectly all right to deny them liberty from before they’re born is all, nothin’ racist about that”

    Which was the cause behind the Civil War. The Haters say that it was and still is States’ Rights… in other words the States have rights that override Individual Rights, like not being born into Slavery and subsequently denied any recognition of your very status as Human Being, and the “States RIGHT” to use public funds and Police Powers to ensure that you remained in involuntary servitude.

    It doesn’t have to be an absolute Parallel to the Anti-Palestinian Hatred expressed by our Esteemed Guest from AIPAC.

    Just as Violent Hatred against Jews expressed by Nazis doesn’t have to be an Exact Parallel of U.S. Slavery to be considered Violent Racist Hatred.

    The more times I hear the terms expressed either by Aryan Brotherhood gang members, Nazis, Confederate Heritage, Ku Klux Klan, AIPAC and Likud that they’re not Racists in their Hatred the more my trigger finger itches and twitches, but I suppress that urge.

    I also develop a much quicker reaction to challenge such Bullshit.

    Nonie, you expressed in another post that the Arabs have to leave the Middle East… or WHAT, exactly? A “Final Solution”?

    AIPAC spent about a Billion Dollars through front organizations including the McCain Palin campaign committee to send out about 150,000,000 copies of a Hate Movie titled “Obsession” which portrays all Muslims as being murderers who want nothing less than killing every Jew and Christian.

    Replace “muslim” with “Jew” and replace the “every Jew and Christian” part with Aryans, and it’s straight out of Mein Kampf.

    Rebranded Hatred.

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