Money laundering record set in fine art

Giacometti sculpture sets art auction recordCuriously, you and I can’t transfer $250.– without the requisite agencies being notified, but an oligarch can spend $104.3 Million on Alberto Giacometti’s Walking Man I and maintain anonymity. (For an iconic sculpture of a figure divested of possessions.) We can’t take shampoo into the airport, but foreign intelligence operatives can cross borders and assassinate it-doesn’t-matter-who without leaving a trace. Exactly whom is INTERPOL tracking or not tracking? For us there’s a no-fly list. For the 007s and 000,000,007s there’s a can-fly-with-impunity first class lounge.

2 thoughts on “Money laundering record set in fine art

  1. Eric,
    Have you ever heard of bartering and cash? Its alive and well in USA and you are a fool if you suck up to Uncle Sam every time you make a transaction. I would think that a brilliant activist like you would have figured that out by now. Juan

  2. Ah, but Juan, you know how in the movies, the Kidnappers/dope dealers, whatever, have the requisite “show me the money” and some well dressed Mafia type whips out a briefcase filled allegedly with millions of dollars?

    Fake. The largest U.S. bill in circulation is the $100. You’d need a couple of large briefcases or maybe a medium sized suitcase to carry all 10,000 of those $100 bills that would make up a million.

    So who moves a million dollars without wanting to attract attention? Dealers, perhaps. But they wouldn’t take it on a commercial airliner.

    Now, there’s also the question of people not “sucking up to Uncle Sam”, Thieves like Richard Cheney and George Bush, for example, who have moved at least $5 TRILLION dollars out of the U.S. to pay for Robbing the nations of Iraq and Afghanistan of their sovereignty and just incidentally, their oil. And MURDERING ANYBODY WHO OPPOSES THEM.

    Yeah, I can see how letting us know how much of our money they’re smuggling out to pay for their Baby-Killing Murder Spree, robbing US and robbing Iraq and Afghanistan… I can see how in some perverted anti-American point of view, letting the American people know how much we’re being robbed, would be “sucking up to Uncle Sam”.

    Telling the Truth.

    And they rob us again for a Perfect Score, because the money they’re being paid to first destroy then allegedly “rebuild” these countries, make them into Slave States for the Corporate Empire, is Taxpayer Money. Filtered through the Pentagon.

    So who’s robbing the Taxpayers there?

    I’m sure even a Right Wing Moron could understand that. Even somebody who works for Fox News, or worse yet, listens to Glenn Beck and actually is stupid enough to believe him.
    Like the Tea Party Retards.

    Oh, by the way, a Trillion is exactly 1 million TIMES 1 million.

    It helps, I suppose, that Richard Cheney ran the “Homeland Security” side of things, thus, no nosey IRS audits of his Grandest Theft.

    And that some of his Accomplices, like Wolfowicz and the Bush family, are in the Banking Business.

    We’ve been Enron’ed by these pukes for the better part of three decades. But it’s “sucking up” to demand they pay for their crimes and reimburse some of the money they stole.

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