Greg Mortenson brings war to Pakistan

Three Cups of Tea, now Stones Into Schools author Greg Mortenson saw stones turned against Americans as the US suffered its first soldier casualties from an IED in the northwest boarder region of Pakistan. The US troops were training the paramilitary Frontier Corps, mercenaries hired to protect the all-girls schools built by Mortenson’s Central Asia Institute and USAID to which local Muslims and the Taliban take such umbrage. Oh, and lots of teenage girls were killed and injured too.

You thought Pakistan was already seeing plenty of casualties? Well except for a US contractor killed in a hotel bombing, all the deaths have been Pakistani civilians, killed by the score in daily air strikes by US drones.

8 thoughts on “Greg Mortenson brings war to Pakistan

  1. Greg Mortenson or Central Asia Institute does not have any school in Pakistan protected by anyone, including the Frontier Corps, or any militia. Central Asia Institute’s nearest school to the area discussed is over 100 miles away. The Central Asia Institute also does not receive any federal funds or USAID funds, and has no affiliation with the USAID. Why not try and pitch your diatribe to FOX News or Rush Limbaugh, they might buy it?

  2. Who are you kidding? Fox and Limbaugh are huge cheerleaders for Greg’s western re-education of Muslim kids.

    We appreciate the clarification on the funding, but the trail is diversionary. I’ll get back to you on that. Meanwhile CAI gets a significant assist from our military.

    But you’re right, the Lower Dir girls school was a secondary school, while CAI’s are primary schools, which feed into it. A list of Mortenson’s projects in Charpusan Valley:
    Keehl Primary School
    Kermin Middle School
    Koodabad Primary School
    Koodabad Middle School
    Kyabad Primary School
    Noorabad Pre-School
    Reminji Primary School
    Sheresubz Primary School
    Shitmerg Primary School
    Yarzich Pre-School
    Zuudkhaan Primary School

  3. Greg Mortenson may have good intentions but his mission complements US policy, to move childbearing Muslims into the supply of cheap labor for US/European multinationals.

  4. Eric is the ultimate spreader of ignorance and hatred, worse than FOX News or Limbaugh. I have yet to see him offer a solution to anything, but he is up to his wazoo in criticism from his little cubicle and rotting bookstore in Colorado Springs

  5. So it’s Hatred to suggest that the Corporate Big-Pigs who own the war/invasion/Mass Murder Spree, and incidentally own Greg Mortensson as well, are so very superior to the rest of us that they are allowed to do these crimes unhindered and unpunished?

    Goodness, Grandma, what a Big Corporate Elitism you have there…

  6. I can’t edit the comment since it’s not on my thread, but that’s “suggest that the Corporate Elites are NOT so superior to the rest of us that they should be allowed to Murder, Rape and Rob”

    Eric owns an honest business, can YOU say the same, Mr “I get paid to denounce any criticisms of the Corporate Rulers”?

    Can Halliburton? The Blackwater/Xe Murder-for-Hire Corporation, or their counterparts from Brinks, Wackenhut, “Private PIGS, have guns, will kill any Babies we’re paid to murder” Corporations?
    When was the last time you risked YOUR life standing up to the Corporate Pigs and their Police Servants?

    What’s YOUR solution, continue to lick corporate boot the way YOU do?

  7. Greg Mortenson has now become the best patriot for the US. But do people know that when he is in Pakistan, he had been abusing to President Bush and his Army. He is SECOND LAURENCE OF ARABIA for the Muslims of Afghanistan and Pakistan. He, donates schools and helps the activists so that he could easily complete his MISSION. He never employees professional rather he puts porters and laymen, so that nobody could a clue about his Mission. Now see, what an anti Pakistan and anti Pakistan Army job he did by writing and changing the LOC into Shigar valley. See his website under Regional Man.
    9. Pakistan, Shegar Valley
    • Daltri Thally Primary School (LOC)
    Goma Pari Primary School (LOC)
    Gulapor Girls’ Upper High School
    Gulapor Lower Primary School
    Hemesil Primary School
    Hyderabad Primary School
    Jafarabad Primary School
    Tisar Primary School

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