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Should the London Olympics remember the 1972 Munich Holocaust? Do you?

America can’t memorialize the 1972 Munich hostage killings, because that act of terrorism was not unlike our own airstrikes or special ops raids, against purported enemy combatants, off the field of combat, except we don’t even try to kidnap them … Continue reading

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Uri Brodsky, Dubai Mossad assassins tied to Taglit-Birthright Israel

One of the 33 operatives which UAE investigators have tied to the January assassination of Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai was apprehended in Poland. Suspected Mossad agent Uri Brodsky awaits extradition to Germany to account for a fake German … Continue reading

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Dubai IDs al-Mabhouh death squad

STATE TERROR INC- If suddenly you recognize these faces among random people loitering about you, you’re next, and maybe too late. (As usual Western media outlets are leaving the agents’ AKAs unnamed, but they are: top: Evan Dennings, Gail Folliard, … Continue reading

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Money laundering record set in fine art

Curiously, you and I can’t transfer $250.– without the requisite agencies being notified, but an oligarch can spend $104.3 Million on Alberto Giacometti’s Walking Man I and maintain anonymity. (For an iconic sculpture of a figure divested of possessions.) We … Continue reading

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Ahmadinejad’s Triangle of Wickedness

When Iranian particle physicist Masoud Ali Mohammadi was assassinated last week with a remote control bomb, Iran accused the west and its clandestine operatives, a consortium Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called the “Triangle of Wickedness.” There would be more discussion about what … Continue reading

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Israel launches new terrorist campaign against Iran

Israel is using hitmen to carry out political assassinations against Iranians according to US intelligence sources. Israeli terrorism is nothing new and has been used against Syrians and Lebanese, not to mention the Palestinians themselves. Why does it not receive … Continue reading

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