Navy wants immunity for its alibis

There are apparently five navy servicemen who say they can exonerate the Navy Seals accused of beating Iraqi suspect Ahmed Hashim Abed in 2004. But they won’t testify unless granted immunity from prosecution. Say what? Their alibi is illegal? I’ll confess to writing John Yoo’s torture memo if I can be indemnified from responsibility. Wait, Yoo and his lawless wild bunch were let off the hook. And the civil case against Guantanamo for its detainees suicided in interrogation was dismissed. US law down the rabbit hole. Off with their heads — except Americans!

1 thought on “Navy wants immunity for its alibis

  1. It guarantees more enemies, and more dead or wounded American soldiers.The Big Pigs at the top like Cheney and Prince feel like they’re immune. Until some REAL Men throw airplanes at their offices and punch their tickets to Hell for them.
    Maybe at one of his book signings somebody will pull out a 12 guage flare gun and blow that smug look off Cheney’s fat piggy face.

    Nah, the coward sons of bitches Prince and Cheney and any or all of the Bush Klan have layer on layer of security.

    It’s the only way the murdering Pukes are still stealing Our Air.

    And it’s not like the “justice” Department is going to actually punish the Torturers and other war criminals.

    The ones at the top, they don’t give a Fuck about the Americans who are going to be killed in Justifiable Vengeance.

    If the war goes on forever, they keep pocketing the blood money forever.

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