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Navy wants immunity for its alibis

There are apparently five navy servicemen who say they can exonerate the Navy Seals accused of beating Iraqi suspect Ahmed Hashim Abed in 2004. But they won’t testify unless granted immunity from prosecution. Say what? Their alibi is illegal? I’ll … Continue reading

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Did you know John Yoo is not in jail?

This is the kind of civility that I just can’t stomach. Berkeley Law Professor John Yoo, author of the Torture Memos which Bushco’s blimpnecks took for their greenlight to water-board, was a guest yesterday on the Daily Show. Short of … Continue reading

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Yoo who?

The Bush Administration, after years of lying, has finally admitted that it is using torture on POWs. This it is doing after all those years of MIA/ POW campaigning against Vietnam, who were supposedly holding in secret some of our … Continue reading

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