NYPD says files on innocent people are integral part of crime-fighting strategy

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly is fighting to retain the city’s database of “Stop and Frisk” reports. Faced with legislation that would purge 90% the files on people never charged with a crime, he argues such information is integral to his crime-fighting strategy to which he credits New York City’s declining crime rate. Other opponents of the bill include Mayor Michael Bloomberg and local politicians. Form UF250 is estimated to catalog up to two million innocent people. It’s interesting that reporters are left to approximate the total figure because the NYPD will not reveal it. Are readers meant to pretend an “integral” database doesn’t tabulate its data?

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1 Response to NYPD says files on innocent people are integral part of crime-fighting strategy

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Ah, but you’re supposed to just accept it as your Patriotic Duty. Fighting for “freedom” like the freedom to be stopped and searched for having a non-standard appearance or wearing emblems or clothing associated with “gangs” or other non-mainstream social groups, like religions, political groups, Pride groups, or advocating dissent from the Mainstream Political GroupThink.

    Or because Officer Undercover took your picture at a Non-authorized free assembly using free speech to advocate or protest any of the above. Especially rallies or private meetings advocating limits on Police State Powers.

    So Officer Friendly needs to “check up on you, randomly of course, not to suppress freedom in any way but Just To Make Sure”.

    Which is not to imply that they would actually use “random” street encounters to intimidate or actually Arrest somebody, and/or some other form of assault, heavens no they wouldn’t ever use tactics like that, especially not the NYPD who have such an excellent reputation for Human Rights…

    Just ask Amadou Diallo. Oh, that’s right, me forgetted… he’s Dead from being gunned down while trying to get into his apartment.

    If you’ve done nothing wrong, Citizen, why would you fear the Secret Police? (and the Police Death Squads who are supposed to be a secret, just ask Amadou Diallo oh… that’s right)

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