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NYPD loses pissing-in-the-wind contest with FloodWallStreet pepper spray op

NEW YORK, NEW YORK- Alright, just for laughs, here are two photos of the pepper spray escalation at Flood Wall Street, taken Sept 22. Both are cropped for emphasis but below you can see the full images which show the poor NYPD faces wincing after being hit by their own pepper spray. We’ve all heard about IQ-caps in the popo recruiting process, evidently these cops pass/failed the pissing-in-the-wind test. Hong Kong Occupiers are wielding umbrellas against chemical attacks, if pro-democracy pNGOs really want to help, send them leaf blowers.

This image actually preceded the other: the moment the pepper spray was discharged, aimed with the precision of Fabreze.

This photograph shows how many NYPD officers were struck, some yet too stoic to react, while Officer Pepper Spray threatens the crowd with MORE OF THE SAME!

Religious Discrimination passed off as ‘National Security’

Throughout the US, we have religious discrimination against Muslims by the police being passed off as being a pragmatic application of maintaining ‘National Security’ when it is not. The most recent example of persecution against Muslims being the news coming out about the New York City’s ‘red squad’. Oh excuse me now, since it is now actually called the ‘anti-terrorism squad’ as Muslims are the in-group of people to politically persecute for the cops, they being mainly non WASP in appearance and culture and all. See It emerges that NYPD monitored groups throughout Northeast

Let’s see now? How much terrorism inside the US has been carried out historically by Muslims? And how much terrorism historically in the US has been carried out by Christians. Is the NYPD or federal authorities monitoring those crazy Christians? I rest the case that this is anything other than religious bigotry when the cops across the US profile and harass Muslims. The main terrorist threat inside the US comes from Christians, and not Muslims… and it always has been so.

As NYPD destroys Occupy Wall Street, Americans get their own 9-11 moment, a state terrorist attack on their liberty.

UNOCCUPIED WALL STREET- NYPD goons put an end to the Zuccotti Park OWS rebel base tonight. Shall we declare it official, this night of the Occupy Wall Street Smack-down, that images of riot police are now ubiquitous as American Pie? Officer unfriendly closed the airspace, created a no-witnesses buffer zone, drove news crews away under threat of revoking their press passes, and razed the camp, tents, electronics and all, Occupy Denver Thunderdome smash shit up style.
Calls are going out for YOU to occupy your streets. And the day after tomorrow, November 17, is a General Strike. Unless principles of nonviolence [to Capitalism] dictate you may not resist consumerism.

Gee, is it any surprise that in America the brown shirts would be white?

There he is in all his glory, an NYPD “White Shirt”, the now feared NYC police commanders, raring back and using both hands to club Occupy Wall Street marchers. Other footage shows a whole squad of white shirts swinging away. But “squad” is wrong word, that already denotes boys in blue. So what’s the Murder-of-Crows syntax for a gang of black-gloved White-shirts? Love it: a thug of whiteshirts.

In Italy the fascists were blackshirts, in German they were brownshirts. Corporate America is white collar, so it’s armed enforcers are whiteshirts.

Sorry but Youtube is keeping the above video behind its sign-in wall. Gawker’s got it.

NYPD skinhead swaggers at thought that “my nightstick is going to get a workout tonight.”

NYPD says files on innocent people are integral part of crime-fighting strategy

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly is fighting to retain the city’s database of “Stop and Frisk” reports. Faced with legislation that would purge 90% the files on people never charged with a crime, he argues such information is integral to his crime-fighting strategy to which he credits New York City’s declining crime rate. Other opponents of the bill include Mayor Michael Bloomberg and local politicians. Form UF250 is estimated to catalog up to two million innocent people. It’s interesting that reporters are left to approximate the total figure because the NYPD will not reveal it. Are readers meant to pretend an “integral” database doesn’t tabulate its data?

Will race protest be curtains for Obama?

If Al Sharpton has his way, it’s the end of Obama.
The policemen in New York City were let off for pumping fifty bullets into an unarmed black man, a young bridegroom on the eve of his wedding. Racism is alive and well at the NYPD, and an angry protest by Americans of Color, calling for recognition of racism and reform of the New York police department, will amplify the issue further.

Meanwhile in Pleasantville USA, the suggestion had been ceremoniously posited to the American television audience, and spun without a ripple of discord, that in one eloquent moment last March, Barack Obama transcended the color barrier and dispatched racism to the circular file of American folklore. What a glorious feeling it was, to imagine our nation ready for a smart man in the presidency, regardless his color, but someone forgot to read the memo at the NYPD.

If the black community in NYC gets up in arms about the recent verdict, and does object to policemen, even black ones, being permitted to gun down innocents who fit suspicious profiles, ie. are black –if there is a indeed still a racial divide– what then happens to the colorblind society tapped to elect Obama in November?

If racial tensions build in NYC, Obama is not going to be half white enough.

I’ll vote for a black man, so will you, so will every Democrat on our horizon, but can you speak for the Hoosiers and hillbillies beyond? They have the vote too. Cops have the vote. NASCAR fans and Christian bigots and Rush viewers have the vote too. Lets also throw in Fox viewers, and the CNN misinformed, and everyone who is going to be barraged with the already uninterrupted glowing tributes of maverick, heroic, white man father-knows-best Hi-Ho-Silver McCain.

The worst thing the media could muster about McCain, as an equal time aside, while it was percolating the Obama mystique, was that McCain was too old. They joked about it dismissively, as if McCain had not a black man’s chance in Mayberry. McCain has gotten no younger, but the media will call it a comeback, and we can add that to their new-leaf effusive attaboy of McCain.