Olympic opening ceremonies dedicated to the late inhabitants of Marjah

ThunderbirdWith television viewers transfixed by the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, US Marines in Afghanistan are undertaking an explosive Fallujah-class opening ceremony in Helmand Province against the little town of Marjah, a so-called Taliban stronghold. Thousands of Afghans who couldn’t get out in time have been cast as burning stuntmen for this remote reenactment of western expansion via genocide; a nod, if not an acknowledgment of the remnants of Vancouver’s native resistance. Will Marjah be lit up on cue with the arrival of the Olympic torch, spectacle-wise?

7 thoughts on “Olympic opening ceremonies dedicated to the late inhabitants of Marjah

  1. It’s going to cost. The Afghans have a way of delivering Instant Kharma that’s just purely devastational.

    This makes the British Empires, what? Third? Fourth? Umpteenth? episode of being humiliated by “the barefoot hordes”. Some people never learn, or the generation that took the last case of Advanced Whoopage dies off and the young dogs get all eager to avenge what happened to Daddy… and Grandpa… and Great Grandpa…

    Historically, the same operation put against the Same Town where the civilization is older than Rome, let alone English “supremacy”…. has failed every single time. A bunch of mostly civilians get slapped around, hanged, put to the sword or whatever by the invaders, while the fighters are flanking around and attacking Kabul or Bagram.

    Might Makes Right, again. and again, and again.

    Oh when will they ever learn?
    Oh, when will they
    ever learn?

  2. Followed the Castanet link. That pretty much explains why they were so intent on putting the First Nations on display at the start of the show. There were some prayers in the ceremony, I wouldn’t mind knowing what those prayers were. But, I don’t speak any American language. English, Spanish and French but not American.

    That’s the place where Chief Dan George came from.

    I know that sentence not only murdered the English grammatic structure, it drove a stake through its metaphoric heart and then burned its still-struggling corpse. But I wrote it that way, it makes at least a little bit of sense and whoever is The Cop In Charge Of Correct Grammar can issue a summons at his or her convenience.

    I wouldn’t blame them if they were praying a curse on the Olympics. Some of my fellow Christians might object to that statement, but what the heck. Olympiad is a Greek term for worship of the pagan gods of Greece anyway. Olympus being their supposed home.

    Meanwhile, back at the Fallujah Junior, there’s not much news coming from there. None, actually.

    That means that nothing is happening, (unlikely) or that all Hell has broken loose and there’s some actions going down that the Koalition of the Killing is really unwilling to divulge.

    Rules out a quick, clean victory, the Pentagoons would be rejoicing mightily and it’s already afternoon, their time. I’d have to check the time conversion tables.

    Wonder what kind of smoke-screen rabbit they’re going to pull out of their collective hat tomorrow. Replaying the opening ceremonies won’t be very successful. Natural disasters are kind of hard to invoke, and don’t occur on a schedule anyway.

    A spectacular Show Trial, perhaps.

  3. Still nothing on the news about it.

    You would think that a super-hyped up “gonna save us all” operation like that would generate more than a blip of “the assault has started” only that, and nothing more… quoth the Raven, nevermore.

    Massive success or Massive failure… either way, you would think it would be in the interest of the pentagon Thugs to report on it.

    Of course, they’re hopped up on the madness of Might makes Right so they don’t think like normal folk anyhow.


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