Obama visits Denver to hear from you

Daddy Warbama
President Obama will make an appearance in Denver on Thursday, February 18, to survey Colorado Democrats about how to change our nation’s imperialist course. Clearly, he’s plum out of ideas. We can hope the newbie warmonger kleptocrat hears we hold America to higher ideals than torture, assassination, racism, and genocide. Obama is coming to endorse Senator Michael Bennet’s Act Blue campaign. Huh, blue blood? Cold blood? Black or blue, these are pretenders.

What does it mean to “act blue?” The Blue Dog Democrats have already taught us blue means pissing on your constituents. Just when “Democrat” has come to mean nothing, now we have “blue” to mean less. What a bizarre turn of events that the so-called people’s party assumes the mantle of the Blue Meanies to distance itself from red, the universal color of socialism, the real people’s party.

Actually, the event’s a fundraiser, so it will cost you $25, $100 or $250 to see the president, and then that’s only for the privilege to LISTEN, to hear him justify why his actions seem diametrically opposed to your interests, I guess.

As usual, the only opportunity to TALK to President Obama will be from the street, where of course any activist message will by design be diluted with stewed tea. It’s the new Kool-Aid.

4 thoughts on “Obama visits Denver to hear from you

  1. Ah, it won’t matter, the Tea-baggers are going to force the inevitable showdown with China and the Russians over the war bonds that were issued to finance the war without any (immediate) tax increases. Which I believe come due this year. Or start to come due.

    Sometimes I get the feeling that they have the attention span and long-term memory of a goldfish.

  2. Here would be a better venue. Right in the middle of Grand Central Redneck.

    He ought to show up at George Bush’s church, University Park United Methodist.

    I mean, if he’s serious, or if he’s grandstanding, either way.

  3. Oh, come on Eric. Obama is way not perfect but I will take him over any republican anyday!

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