UCSD divestment hearing tweeted

Park bench, but not publicThe University of California San Diego student council decided to postpone its resolution to address the suffering of Palestine, but let public comments play out. UCSD Divest For Peace tweeted the proceeding @ucsddivest, which we retweet below so future student discussions don’t have to rehash the boilerplate AIPAC prevarications.

@ 2nd Divestment Resolution proceeding…
before walking into the ASUCSD meeting, we were notified that it was tabled indefinitely…
public input occurring to revive resolution (or shut it out by opposition)
opposition is trying to make this a joke while we bring them truth about oppression
opposition argument: it’s not our place to do this because there are a lot of places that we have not put our hand in
It is our place. Change starts with us. Stand with those who are oppressed and always constantly silenced.
This movement has been constantly silenced but we will not give up! Truth will emerge!!!
A student is disgusted that people are too cowardly and afraid to give people their right to live.
“What Israel is doing is the dictionary definition of terrorism”
So much obvious truth is being said for this resolution … I can’t keep up…
a student explains how this is not anti-semitic/anti-Jewish which is the opposition’s argument
a student from the committee created last Wednesday to “work together” explained the failed process due to the opposition
Question: Why don’t we invest in Palestine instead of divest from Israel?
Answer: Council, educate yourself on last year’s invasion on Gaza “Operation Cast Lead” and then answer their question
A.S. should honor the majority here at UCSD. One group against so many groups who have come together for this resolution due to PEACE!
How can we invest in Palestine while Israel imposes a blockade upon the Gaza strip and denies it direly needed relief?

Opposition is taking pictures of all our speakers … scare tactic against those for peace, justice and equality?
“You can’t censor my voice!” … against this resolution = alienating and segregating against a side!
Desmond Tutu thanked UCSD for change … let’s do it again.
“Council, you are privileged! … t is the duty of a human being to speak for the voiceless.”
“Standing up for human rights is not a political statement!”
“I will use the rest of my time to remain silent because you won’t listen to my voice anyway.”
This resolution is not against Israel but against companies that the U.S. deals with. Get it straight.
We were just told Israel tolerates everyone … democratic? What’s his definition of democracy?
please educate yourself on Israel and its laws and if you can, go there and see the truth for yourself …
“Council, you do matter and this decision really does matter.”
If this is not the time then when is the time? When will we talk about this? NOW!
We are already divided so let’s make an effort to talk about this b/c people are suffering every day.
Last person to speak
Peace until later… check in later for results!
Short rally was held leading into amazing speeches with opposition in the back who looked like they were in awe of our unity

This movement will remain strong until justice prevails “Time is on the side of the oppressed.” Malcolm X

Justice in Palestine Week 2010: End the Apartheid is NEXT WEEK! Are you ready UCSD?!? Here we come! http://theapartheid.com/

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  1. Avatar Nonie Darwish says:

    Suffering of Palestine?

    Do you see any suffering in these pictures of “Palestine”?


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