2-word punchline for President Obama: Predator Drones

A protective father warns off potential First Suitors with the specter of Predator Drones. Nothing outré about gallows humor, but people might be put off when it comes from the mouth of the judge-jury-and-executioner, taking aim. Of course, what have the Jonas Brothers really to fear? –US drones strike very few of their intended targets. Collateral civilians comprise 98% of drone victims, the Pakistani people are who probably got the willies at Obama’s joke.

Much as the average journalist would hope to credential for the White House Correspondents Dinner, they could wonder how the Jonas Brothers got an invite.

If President Obama wonders if any charges of immorality are going to stick to his administration, among the Bush legacies which he has failed to cease and desist, among them specifically extrajudicial killing, disproportionate application of force and failure to protect civilians from hostilities, I have two words: War Crimes. Or his will do: Predator Drones.

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  1. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Drones are basically blind robotic snipers. How in the Hell can they not kill mainly innocents? It is about as accurate at getting only the target as setting off a gigantic car bomb next to some dignitary’s entourage is. Right, Obomber?

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