What would Bush war cabal have to say to America’s insurance cronies?

Why would Dick Cheney, George W. Bush and General Stanley McChrystal be addressing US insurance execs? McChrystal of all people, specifically. How to make war on poor people, even in America? My best guess would be motivational speeches about how to stay out of jail, no matter what the enormity of the crime. Cheney speaks today at the Broadmoor. Come tell the assemblage (7:30-8:30AM) that you don’t approve they choice of mentor.

2 thoughts on “What would Bush war cabal have to say to America’s insurance cronies?

  1. They’re maybe celebrating the stop-loss of the insurance industry because of concessions made by Democrats to the exTremist Party over the public option, which isn’t entirely a dead issue. (it has triggers that, unless I’ve got the math wrong, are already met.)

    Then there’s the issue of the Insurance Corporations skimming money by delaying full payment “call us if you need an expense paid” holding possession of the beneficiary money in interest-bearing (but not for the beneficiary, for the Corporation) accounts.

    So Bush, Cheney and especially Mac can create strategies to create more casualties of the Pay-once-then-forget DEAD kind.

    Minimize the chances of the soldiers who are wounded living longer than a couple of months after they’re no longer of use to the Parent Corporation. Funerals are cheaper than Health Care in the short run, something the Insurance Corporations know very well.

  2. One of the many businesses the Bush family thieves ran was a shipping insurance firm, most notorious for insuring slave ships.

    When they were, two generations later, running a money laundering scheme for the Nazis, they were playing both sides of the war. They were still doing it even after the German Navy sank the U.S. freighter Reuben James in American waters.

    Wasn’t the first or the last before Germany declared war either.
    And the U.S. Congress wouldn’t declare war on Germany until after the German government declared war as part of their alliance with the Empire of Japan.

    I guess the WHITE empire could get away with sinking more American ships than the Japanese did at Pearl Harbor and, doing it steadily.

    George Bush and his Freaky Family are still daily spending the Slave money and the Other blood money, like the sailors aboard the Reuben James and every other merchant ship the German Navy sank while Prescott Bush laundered Nazi money and spent much money making sure Congress would do his bidding.

    Something like that would be a major coup for the Insurance Corporate shadow government. If Prescott Bush’s insurance business actually made money from insuring the Reuben James, it would be a score worthy of Milo Minderbinders Syndicate in catch 22.

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