War Criminals Bush and Cheney coming to the Broadmoor, Oct 4-5, bring shoes!

Should-be jailbirds Darth Cheney and Dubya Bush are coming to Colorado Springs! Monday Oct. 4 and Tuesday Oct. 5 respectively. Each will be the day’s 8:30 AM keynote speaker at the Annual Insurance Leadership Forum held in the Broadmoor Rocky Mountain Ballroom. Coloradans For Peace will host a standing room only reception outside, starting both days at 7:30 AM.
If you can’t muster tar and feathers, bring shoes!

At the very least, call CSPD and demand they arrest the pair for crimes against humanity, murder, treason, fraud –you’d think by now you wouldn’t have to explain their rap sheet! Cuff ’em!

In a recent interview on Democracy Now, UK senior statesman Tony Benn explained that he didn’t need to see ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair put on trial for war crimes. Benn leans toward Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s rationale for Truth and Reconciliation, where it’s enough to get at the truth to move on. Of course Bush’s successor offers us not even that.

Where are you on the matter of our previous administration’s guilt?

I’m inclined to believe that if no one from Bush & Co is brought up on charges, what example have we set for lesser or more maniacal criminals? Is it an utterly selfish fixation to want to see the Neocons held to account for their crimes?

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2 Responses to War Criminals Bush and Cheney coming to the Broadmoor, Oct 4-5, bring shoes!

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Insurance Leadership. What exactly does the “Insurance Industry” lead besides the TeaBag Morons who, rather than denounce Obama on the grounds of not ending Messieurs Bush and Cheney’s Murder and Torture Spree War, which they support, but instead rally behind their Beloved Corporate Masters on the issue of Health Insurance Reform?

    …and supposedly Non-Racist speculation about the circumstances of his birth. Maybe the Morons should consider that if that he were impeached on that issue and forced to leave office, Sarah Palin STILL wouldn’t be president. Joe Biden would. Aye, true Hoam Skewl Constitutional scholars they be…

    Treason, one count apiece simply by unilaterally declaring the 6th article of the Constitution invalid by saying the Executive had the full authority to nullify foreign treaties ratified by Congress and thus having the full force of Constitutional Law in every court of the land. Such as…

    War Crimes including torture of prisoners, killing civilians, preventing the evacuation of wounded from a battlefield, where the dead AND wounded were civilians, some of them children.

    Waging war for profit.

    Perjury before international tribunals (such as the Security Council of the United Nations) which were given prior authority to investigate and prosecute such Perjury and other War Crimes BY TREATIES ratified under the 6th Article of the United States Constitution.

    Acts of terrorism as defined by the Geneva and Hague Conventions and the charters of the North Atlantic Treaty (NATO) and the United Nations, all ratified by the Congress of the United States, and having full force of law in every court in the land and foreign territories of the United States under Article 6 of the Constitution of the United States.
    Including but not limited to the acts of threatening and committing violent acts to influence and circumvent the political, religious and social opinions beliefs and values of the Civilian Populations of the nations of The U.S. and its possessions, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Iran, the Philippine Islands, the Kingdom of Tonga, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, the Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, the nations of the European Union, Taiwan, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, and others not enumerated in this list, those listed being merely the most egregious and grievous actions.

    The targeting of American Citizens in foreign nations for the purpose of assassination.
    The Terroristic targeting of United States Citizens within the confines of the United States to silence legitimate political debate concerning the Many Crimes Committed by George Walker Bush and Richard Cheney under their orders.

    Violations of the so-called Patriot Act including, but not limited to, the more than 7000 CAPITAL Murders of United States Military Personnel and Contractors, and Foreign soldiers enlisted through treaty (NATO, Coalition of the Willing, Northern Alliance, et al) killed in actions precipitated by the aforementioned Perjuries committed before the Security Council of the United Nations, the Congress of the United States and to the Civilian and Military people in all the nations listed, and others, to justify an Unlawful War of conquest.

    The Unlawful declaration that no American or Coalition troops would ever be charged with War Crimes no matter the level of evidence against them, and the subsequent fulfillment of that promise.

    The Parties so named in this affidavit of Criminal Acts are already wanted on similar warrants.

    They should be considered extreme flight risks, and held without bond. They have accomplices who are sworn to liberate them if they are captured.

    In any case the nature of the charges of Capital offenses committed in so many nations would necessitate such an action.

  2. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Jonah, you write a lot, but I did not see you out there protesting their arrival in town. YOU seemingly are always absent….

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