Jesus Springs welcomes fugitive Bush

After seeing Colorado College gush over a whitewashed CIA murderer, I’m not in any mood to watch local Christian groupies applaud George War-criminal Bush. The plan for Saturday at the Broadmoor is to pummel the arrogant creep with shoes, ceremoniously of course, and probably in effigy. We’ll have a Bush impersonator, a little monkey in a suit strutting about with impunity. And it appeals to me more that we not land any hits, so we’ll have Junior ducking this shoe and that, taunting us with his sick hehehe. And won’t that reflect reality? Justice frustrated by a snickering good ol’ boy. Except, is there outrage left for Bush? I know I hardly feel it anymore. It’s Obama dissembling about torture and dropping the bombs now.

Here’s the list of embarrassing local businesses and idiotri welcoming George Bush to Colorado Springs, they’re even giving him an award, apparently he’s an inspiration to charter school students:

Colorado Springs Christian Schools
Steve Schuck
Dick Saunders, Saunders Construction
El Pomar Foundation
Pete & Jackie Kuyper
Sonya Camarco, LPL Financial
Dewhirst & Dolven, Attorneys
Bob & Kelly McGrath
Dr. Ron & Renee Rains
Interim Healthcare
Clear Ink Foundation
Colorado Custom Decks
Dr. Mike & Kathy Hall
Mateos Salon & Day Spa
Dar Howard
Envision Investment Group
Dave & Lynda Bjorklund
First Western Trust Bank
Scott & Beth Bugosh
Richard King Brown
Freedom Financial Services
The Milestone Group
Clear View Properties
The Sonchar Family
Joseph & Melissa Hornsey
Ken & Rae Driscoll
Rick & Margaret Brown
David & Gloria Neuder
Todd Pickle
Lee & Mickey Bolin
Seelye Group Ltd.
Liberty Toyota
Matrix Design Group
DWG & Associates
Blazer Electric Supply
Joe Woodford
Thor Iverson Consulting
Rothgerber Johnson Lyons LLP
Kathryn Emrick
American Iron & Metal
Stephanie Brock Design
Integrity First Financial
Phil & Mary Kiemel
Weavers Online
Rocky Mountain Custom Trim

1 thought on “Jesus Springs welcomes fugitive Bush

  1. He does have his comeback tour planned.

    What I find disquieting is the Wreligious Wrong fawning over him. In a corporatocracy, it wouldn’t matter that he’s not the actual political president, sovereignty went out the window with the Bush Doctrine being implemented.

    These dudes and dudettes waving their palm leaves (at least he didn’t actually ride his Ass into town on Palm Sunday…) are practically proclaiming him the Messiah. Changing the lies about the war to one more heinous, that they’re Called By Christ to kill people who disagree with them.

    Why not portray him as the Beast? The name fits his crimes.
    And Sarah Palin (is she actually on the playlist for this weekend?) would serve very aptly as the Whore Babylon.

    I mean, they’re pulling out all stops to make this a Passion Play, serve it back to them. I’ve a suggestion for it if you’re interested. Goes along with the “mene mene tekel upharsim” gig only it would actually make it to Right Before His Eyes.

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