White cop cops manslaughter verdict for shooting Oscar Grant in the back

Family of killer cop victim Oscar Grant appealed for calm after officer given Involuntary Manslaughter verdict. How likely would it be that Oakland would riot with court having reaffirmed that police can murder with impunity?

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2 Responses to White cop cops manslaughter verdict for shooting Oscar Grant in the back

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, it is clear that the Officer was FORCED to place his gun against the back of Mr Grant and fire. It was therefore Involuntary.

    You know what the sickest part of it is? I can almost hear it now, The Hate Speech Chorus going up about how a pig being convicted even for such a heavily reduced slap-on-the-wrist as “involuntary manslaughter” is a sign of P.C. gone mad, how DARE those negroes think themselves to be equal to a white Cop, how dare they say that the life of a black MAN is equal to somebody else’s life. It’s the Great Negro Conspiracy in action! To Arms! To Arms!

    But you know, if Mr Grant had managed to defend himself, and so much as injured the cop, the Pigs buddies would have murdered him anyway, handcuffed him and shot him execution style in his jail cell and said it was an Attempted Escape or Suicide By Cop.
    And all the “Back the Badge” RETARDS would say Amen to it.

    I bet the Country Music stations are right now all fired up, too, playing that retarded Lynch Mob song “whiskey for my men and beer for our horses”, where they saddle up and start hanging people for the CRIME of not being “mainstream”… in other words, being anything but Lily White.

  2. They’re not calling it “riots” just yet. “Violent Protest”.
    Maybe somebody will drag the Judge and Prosecutor who rigged the trial in favor of their fellow PIG will be dragged from their hiding places and at the very least have all the smug pig arrogance that oozes like slime from every pore of their slug-like epidermis physically proven to be WRONG…

    Very physically.

    Maybe the cop in question will at the very least have that smug smile wiped from his insipid cowardly face.

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