Denver hasn’t looked this beautiful since it was an Arapaho campsite

DENVER- The #OccupyDenver encampment at the base of Capitol Hill has quadrupled after the weekend, there are now tents north and south of war memorial obelisk. The crowd tonight was merry, and the GA spirited. More pictures below.

Monday’s 7pm GA was diverted for a bit by the now customary pro and anti popo talk. A contingent from We Are Change seemed to want to make a point of praising the Denver Police Department, which was difficult for past DPD victims to abide. If I had to peg provocateurs, I’m inclined to suspect it of participants who kept raising the ire of offended protesters, defying calls for unity, finding it more important to compose odes to police civility than to return to the meeting agenda. Loopy almost. If I was a CHANGE-ist I’d want to be on my best behavior to atone for having pushed Obama on everyone, made them to compromise their objectives for what turned out to be zero reason.

Best zinger almost went over most heads, a gentleman introduced himself as having led a large antiwar march in 1960s New York, but you never heard of it because the entire event remained peaceful.

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