Sunday Afternoon sur Lac du Prospect

Prospect Lake, Colorado Springs, circa 1970
I don’t know if this scene strikes me because it’s George Seurat’s idyllic park, or because I’m nostalgic for Colorado circa prosperity. Circa 2011, the privatization cronies are after our city’s public gem, Prospect Lake. Colorado Springs local John Moore made a video, which features this and other vintage memories. (See video below)

Moore’s video show a webpage on which City Councilman Tim Leigh outlines his proposal for Prospect Lake, a recurring theme among his “fresh ideas” for Colorado Springs, in which he targets now public resources for lease or sale to private for-profit enterprises.

Leigh’s text below:

Imagine that, instead of continuously developing the open prairie to Kansas, we took a 2nd look at existing neighborhoods, utilized existing utilities & roadway infrastructure and created a culture where existing, stable neighborhoods were prized and could be reasonably redeveloped and modernized.

Imagine that Prospect Lake is fully utilized as the prized asset that it is; where a private entrepreneur promoted the water venue with exciting events throughout the summer.  Imagine the boat house being re-deployed as a high-end restaurant or some similar use all acting as a catalyst for redevelopment of the entire neighborhood.  Imagine immediate benefits to the city – funding the operation of Memorial park, not from general collections, but from leasing fees and new found sales and property tax generated specifically from that venue.  Imagine playing to our vision as recreational Mecca and imagine a public/private partnership creating a community asset where we all win.

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5 Responses to Sunday Afternoon sur Lac du Prospect

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah, I wondered how to put it delicately, earlier…
    But since the City Council is top heavy with real estate investors, which one or group of ones has the contacts but not close enough to make it way too obvious that they’re selling City property to themselves at a discount.
    Let the Looting Begin. Like all the oily oil “men” in Congress giving themselves every square inch of public lands they can get away with.

    It’s why Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck hate the Woody Guthrie song “This Land is your land, this land is My land.”

  2. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    Thank you Eric….we are greatful

  3. Avatar John Moore says:

    Thanks for sharing the link to the video.

  4. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    I would like to come to talk to the community when u do. Thx Angela

    On May 1, 2011, at 11:22 AM, “Ed Billings” wrote:

    The thing to do then is to look at why there is an objection to the issue……I did not know this until it was pointed out to me……….I guess it is time for this council to come down to the area and talk to people in the neighborhood…..even I would not have an objection to council talking to people in the area…….people in this area have a right to know……I get the impression it is the beach house and not the boat house……..communicating with others in the neighborhood will go a long way…..right now people are not trusting City Hall……..if you want that to change then talk to people in the area………let them voice any support or objection to this…That’s all I am asking for….will anyone on Council be willing to come down to this area and talk to the residents?

    — On Sun, 5/1/11, Herpin, Bernie wrote:

    Ed, we are not going to sell Prospect Lake. There is a proposal, and that all it is, to turn the boat house, which is currently only used for storage, into a restaurant. This would bring jobs and people to this area. What’s wrong with that if it should ever come to be?

    Bernie Herpin

  5. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    If they’re really trying, you know, to actually get public input on the plan they’d better hop to it. Just from what little they let slide it’s going to royally piss off a whole lot of folks.

    At whatever neighborhood Town Hall event they pull, they’d have to have it at the lake itself, just keep pointing at the Greek-Spanish restaurant across the street with all the for sale signage on it.

    It costs much more than it’s worth to refurbish a building for something which it was not designed to be or do. People who are in Real Estate should know that. Leigh has his name on the right-half of about half the For Sale signs from all the foreclosures (and failed businesses) in town (Hoff&Leigh) so he really should know something about that. I wonder, too, if one of those signs (I see so many of them and I don’t hardly go ANYWHERE) on the Restaurant, sitting forlorn, empty, and for all I can see from the outside structurally sound. If Mr Leigh is actually handling the potential hoped-for sale of that building, why wouldn’t he sell that to himself and call it good? But that’s an “if” and in a town whose economy is so strongly Real Estate oriented, he’s in a perfect position to negotiate that deal for himself, even if it’s not a sale he was brokering.

    There’s plenty of businesses in the area, too… just not really candidates for Gentrification. Hospitals. Clinics, Pharmacies, Lawyers offices, even Restaurants.

    “Testing the waters” to see how much they can get away with? Restaurants are a high risk investment, I worked in one which was run by lawyers because they needed a tax write-off. Shucking Oysters. They bounced two paychecks off me, didn’t know it til the Local Krogers store called me because that’s where I cashed them, the bastards had put a fake address and phone number on the checks. They had taken in like two-three thousand dollars the night they gave me the last check and with all that cash they wouldn’t cash their own check out? I started to smell a rat and quit.

    But what, are they going to invent the New Super-Formula menu? Some type of food and atmosphere that at least three other restaurants in town are already struggling with?

    And they’re realtors, how would they NOT know how common it is to fail?

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