With Gaddafi’s TV villain star rising, bin Laden should have seen this coming

I’m sure they would rather have pulled Osama bin Laden from a hole for a 2012 October Surprise, but the US media narrative makers must have figured out that Mumbledore Gaddafi is not proving telegenic enough to upstage the king of Islamic villainy. Now US airstrikes are killing the Libyan dictator’s children and grandchildren, we can’t let a bogeyman win audience sympathy.
The good news for Pakistanis and Afghans is that US drones now have no reason to stalk their skies and Guantanamo can now release the foot-soldiers who’ve lost their leader. If “justice has been done” and the perpetrator of 9-11 has been neutralized, then it’s over, isn’t it? No apparently. Now we’re reminded al-Qaeda is much bigger than OBL, and yet we’ve executed him as if he bore responsibility, AND we’re told that the act may prompt retaliatory violence. So it’s solved what then? Targeted assassination brings no one to justice, it asserts vengeance and perpetuates the cycle. Which of course was OBL’s role all along.

Is it too much to hope that the special forces who found bin Laden’s compound were there to arrest him, to put him under US custody? Killing a person outright has never been considered bringing them to justice, as much as the media and political celebrities seem to be pretending. This was a murder, an extra-judicial targeted assassination, a revenge killing.

Because if Osama had indeed been living in the thick of a Pakistani military controlled zone, and US forces coordinated the operation with Pakistan, it would seem that he could have been apprehended. Our soldiers could have laid siege and at the very worse bin Laden might have killed himself. In such a case there would have been no need to kill the people who lived with him, also not convicted of any offenses.

Apparently an unnamed woman was killed as someone tried to use her as a “human shield.” The principle involved in such a maneuver is that you prevent someone shooting at you because they don’t want to kill an innocent. Apparently American culture’s willingness to sanction “collateral damage” has trumped the usual precaution of avoiding the killing of a person who is not targeted for assassination.

As I watch Americans gather in Lafayette Park near the White House to celebrate the news like some kind of sports victory, I wonder what masses across the seas would gather to celebrate. Would a targeted assassination of our president be received with similar jubilation?

Obviously an American leader would have more blood on his hands. An American Commander In Chief would be culpable by dint of his chain of command, by his public announcements and his stated objectives. Osama Bin Laden’s responsibility hasn’t even been demonstrated, except as a forgone conclusion by media pundits who question nothing of the narrative they’re fed.

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8 Responses to With Gaddafi’s TV villain star rising, bin Laden should have seen this coming

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Except the Corporate Whore-lords are making a lot of money killing people and won’t want to give that up.
    There’s also that even with a “freshly killed” bin Laden complete with photographs, they supposedly had to administer DNA tests?

    The “no civilians killed”, except of course the Human Shields. So which was it, Civilians, Human Shields or as the Chair Force Drone pilots say every time they kill a kid, “they’re all terrorists”?

    Fux Noose is trying to give Bush the kill.

  2. Avatar PCMulkey says:

    “I’ve never wished a man dead, but I’ve read some obituaries with great pleasure.” -Mark Twain

  3. Eric Eric says:

    Yeah, I saw that Tweeted too, except I think it’s blasphemy to ascribe this sentiment to antiwar-anti-imperialist Twain. Also, he wrote a scathing essay against “The United States of Lyncherdom.”

  4. Avatar PCMulkey says:

    Correction*** Clarence Darrow was the author of this quote. Mark Twain said “”I didn’t attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it.”

  5. Eric Eric says:

    A very good distinction. Nice work.

  6. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    also he wasn’t where Colorado Hunter Gary Faulkner said…
    The plot thickens.

  7. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    This piece of Bill Cosby style jello by Eric was written on May Day (May 1) and it is the only commentary I see here on NMT about the Democratic Party Prez Obomber’s war in Libya which has dragged on throughout the entire month of May soon to go into June. Apparently the ultraLeft tribe of Democratric Party stooge writers at NMT is way too busy to protest Obomber’s African bombings… or even write against it?????

    PCMulkey, is donkey pc in her DP celebration of Barack’s ‘hit’ on the apparently unarmed Osama. Why am I not so surprised? And why is Eric’s lack of any personal outrage about Obomber / Pentagon Man’s bombing campaign in Libya also so not surprising?

    Going out Friday to ‘vigil’ again against war… however these PeaceCrats I’ll be with were many of them demanding that the US intervene in Africa just a year or two back… GO figure? Who’s against war and who’s not really so much?

    Answer- THE DEMOCRATS.

  8. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Another Democratic Party war that you won’t see you Democratic Party voters on NMT writing any thing against seems to not be just the war of bombing against Libya that Barack Obomber launched, but the one South in Mexico, too!

    Apparently if Barack says that the US should be funding and fighting this Right Wing Mexican President’s ‘drug war’ battles, that’s just ok dokey by Eric and Jonah… Why though?

    Remember? Calderon was the guy who was given the office of the Mexican presidency after a fraud filled election he appeared to lose. Now he is militarizing the whole country of Mexico and engaged in military action for the US government and is poco a poco losing the big battles, as thousands of Mexicans become the dead cannon fodder for the US’s Prohibition machine down there, right along our Southern Border.

    If a Bush Administration was pushing this war, Eric and Jonah, you two would be all over it criticizing the resultant US caused bloodshed as being Republican made. But with Obomber heading up the war, you two are pure MIA. You simply hold your fire with Democratic Party war mongers in charge instead of Republican ones. Just like with the war in Libya, you two are MIA in writing about Mexico. Have trouble locating it on a map…even!

    And if truth really be told, in Iraq and Afghanistan you two are pretty much taking a hike in retreat backwards, too. Too busy attacking Republican tea baggers to really concentrate much fire against the current Democratic Party presidency who runs and directs the Pentagon these days.

    If any of the very few NMT readers do actually want to find sites that are not totally ignoring the Libya and Mexican conflicts the US government is currently engaged in fighting, then these readers will have to look elsewhere than at NMT. Too many Democratic Party ultraleft liberal types at NMT, and no non-donkey tied up writers. These writers, Jonah and Eric, have put on straight jackets…. for Barack O’ he want us to think he’s Kennedy.

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