Egyptians support Wisconsin workers

I’ll rally to support the Wisconsin unions, AND let’s hope they too can rise above what immediately threatens them to see that the oppressed of the world have a common enemy.

3 thoughts on “Egyptians support Wisconsin workers

  1. If there had been Unions in Texas I would still have a working right foot.
    You know, we’re often called “elitists” and “intellectuals” as though being intelligent and well educated was some sort of inferior trait…

    We’re called that for supporting education of the poor, the workers, beyond the measure that our station in life requires.
    The Boss-man don’t need no steenkeeng educated workers, he just needs us educated enough to efficiently put money in his pockets.
    But we’re “elitists” for pointing that out, or for pointing out that the scions of the working class, like myself, are capable as anybody else of achieving education.

    Saying that workers are Human Beings who have every bit as much right to the fruits of the labor of OUR hands as the Corporate Parasites. More so in fact… That’s “elitism”.

    For them to say that the workers deserve to be banished to the slave cabins, or slapped in chains or even killed for being “uppity”, that we’re incapable of being educated, that we’re inferior to the Master Class and that’s the only reason we’re poor… that’s supposedly not “elitism”.

    Elitism is the word they put into the mouths of their hired slave-soldiers and police, as Jay Gould put it, “I can simply hire half the workers to kill the other half”.

    Traitors who sell their souls and the lives of their children to come for a crust of bread and a chance to sleep in the Big House, at the Massa’s feet along with the rest of the dogs.

    Uncle Toms come in every shade of skin.

  2. lol, you are a moron. You are the same person that complains about the economy but is ok with a school bus driver making 156,000 dollars a year(and yes you can look that one up and see for yourself)110,000 was over time but yeah unions help America. Unions are for the lazy and for people that think everyone owes them something for nothing.

  3. Oh, yeah, like, we’re supposed to let the Corporations decide.

    Like they did in Bhopal, after killing up a whole mess of folks and giving the survivors something like 362 dollars per each person they murdered.

    YOU might sell YOUR life or your kids life for 362 dollars..
    Typical Corporate Whore.

    You ever work at minimum wage, or did your rich-bitch corporate pimp-daddy pay your way into a management job, where you get to sit on your lazy ass and criticize REAL workers?

    Lazy corporate types have Other People work to put money in Their pockets.

    Speaking of ass, you and your corporate slavery buddies can line up and take turns helping yourselves to a giant Texas sized all you can eat buffet of Kiss My Liberal Ass.

    Your corporations destroyed my right foot and left knee, made it impossible for me to work putting 5 times as much money from MY Labor into THEIR bloodsoaked hands as I took home.
    Why, exactly? Because I was in a Non-Union State.
    You Corporate Bitches have your own collective bargaining, you have legions of paid lawyers paid off the pooled resources of the shareholders, to make sure that people who WORK supporting your Lazy Worthless ass don’t have a chance for fair pay

    How much do YOU make to sit on your fat lazy ass and criticize working people?
    My picture is near the top of the page, punk, in case you ever crawl outf from behind the safety of your Corporate security guards.

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