Next Gaza Freedom Flotilla will be an anti-globalist, anti-Apartheid Armada

Swedish-Greek Ship to Gaza JULIANO of the 2011 Freedom Flotilla II
Israel successfully defended its inhumane illegal siege of Gaza against the 2011 Freedom Flotilla, currently regrouping in Greece. Let’s recap: the French Dignite Al Karama awaits permission to leave Crete, the Swedish/Greek MV Juliano overcame sabotage which crippled the Irish MV Saoirse and unconfirmed others. The Canadian Tahrir was boarded by Greek commandos and towed back to Athens. The US Audacity of Hope repelled a shouting match with the Greek Coast Guard then surrendered into custody. Ready to form the next flotilla are the Spanish Guernica, French Louise Michel, and the Stefano Chiarini, Freedom for All and Methimus II. In the wings of course await the Mavi Marmara and the Rachel Corrie. Will this grow to an Armada? Israeli intransigence and its Hasbarapocalypse guarantee it.

Check these allied organizations to see how you can join the next voyage:

2 thoughts on “Next Gaza Freedom Flotilla will be an anti-globalist, anti-Apartheid Armada

  1. I hope their intentions are to free occupied Palestine (all of it) instead of trying to save an illegitimate Rothschild “state” in Palestine. Gaza is one limb on the body of Palestine.

  2. Congratulations on the courage of you all. Be aware that this is a deadly venture and that your lives count for little as far as this so called state is concerned.Mossads moto “War by deception” means exactly what it says.Trickery and cunning as well as ruthlessness is what we are up against.

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