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European OECD club owns up to Israel, Middle East white sphere of influence

As perhaps a final admission that Israel belongs not in Palestine, but among its European cohorts, Israel today was accepted into the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development. Israeli leaders had coveted membership, and BDS advocates were protesting against it on the basis that Apartheid has no place among developed nations, but really this honor pulls the carpet of indigenous-pretense under Israel’s more-falafel-than-thou duel with Lebanon. Let the OECD club invite enjoin Israelis to return among their white industrialist comrades.


Why do the same cops and their tame Social Workers who Demand, under threat of punishment, that we automatically and unconditionally “respect” THEM,
Refuse to unconditionally and automatically respect US? Saying that we have to comply and conform to THEIR arbitrary orders, dress and appearance code, even the language we speak among ourselves? Or in the case of the Hotel Owner in Taos, and the cases of Muhammad Ali and Ojore Lutalo, that we take and accept the “White” names, either the ones we were given when we were born into the Slave System, or like in Taos, where the people were supposed to abandon the culture in which they were raised in order to please their White Anglo Saxon Master?

Haiti, where they’re supposed to abandon their cultural identity, the one the Slave Owners and their successive generations of Apologists have constantly bitched whined and snivelled about, saying the French or other EuroCentric “Cultures” are so far superior to that of the Negroes, who were after all slaves.

And simply EVERYBODY knows, Dah-link, that the poor and especially the slaves bring their own poverty upon them by their own innate inferiority.

The Cops and their Social Worker comrades have a saying “Respect has to be EARNED” but only in one direction, they obviously don’t have any sense of a Reciprocal Duty to “earn” the respect of the Peasants and Commoners over whom they rule.

Then they wonder why somebody would put a nine-millimeter slug through the front of heads, right between their piggy little eyes, while they’re harassing or assaulting the person or handcuffing him so they can harass and assault him constantly, at their leisure, whenever they damn well feel like it while he’s their prisoner. Like Jensen and Jordan found out.

Question of Nationalism v. Imperialism …again

nuff saidEU officials not allowing Washington to monitor their economic transactions, Washington upset. So, does Washington allow the EU or Mexico or Cuba or Iran or who-the-hell-ever a similar privilege of monitoring United States bank transactions?

Nationalism that doesn’t grant equal sovereign rights to every nation isn’t nationalism, it’s Imperialism. That’s the stated British Empires propaganda excuse for The Great War. While and at the same time they were doing to Ireland, India, China, Kenya. etc etc etc etc etc precisely what the King’s Cousin the Hapsburg Emperor of Austria and Hungary was doing to Serbia.

“Down from the trees, and onto your knees” White Man’s Burden, Our Fledgling Civilization is better than yours, which was thriving when our ancestors were living in mud huts. (Hitler actually told Himmler that about his constant harping on Aryan Supremacy, his personal tastes ran more toward Rome)

Speaking of Rome, the “Oderint Dum Metuant” policy that Bush made our official foreign relations Nightmare seems to be raising its ugly head once again.
I was hoping, ever the optimist, that the hubris of the Bu’ush Regime would end when the Bu’ush Regime ended. Apparently not.
There was absolutely NOTHING about the Bush administration or their annointed Replacement Palin/McAncient that indicates a moral or especially Intellectual superiority that they could use to justify their claim to having a right, indeed, a DUTY, to run the rest of the world.

The Right wing can, and do, claim a tit-for-tat same-back-at-you about Presidents Obama and Clinton.

Turkey’s Kurds and China’s Tibetans

The Dalai Lama accused of inciting riotThe Western corporate press is non-stop reporting on China’s suppression of the rebellion by its small Tibetan minority of about 6 million Tibetans, out of a nation of 1.3 billion. Many in the US support independence for a portion of Tibet, which would take away about 1/5 of Chinese territory if it were to take place.

China has about 21% of the world’s entire population. The bossy US has about 5%, so let’s see how the support for other peoples plays out in US press coverage of the current Kurdish rebellion in Turkey? Are we paying much attention to it? Turkish police clash with Kurds

What? Hadn’t heard about it yet? I’ve seen plenty of Free Tibet signs in town here in Colorado Springs, but have yet to see even one calling for Free Kurdistan. Why might that be? Why is nobody in the US calling for an independent Kurdistan for Turkey’s Kurds?

Kurds make up about 1/5 to 1/4 of Turkey’s total population of 70 million. These Turkish Kurds are over 1/2 of the total Kurdish population worldwide. If Americans are so worked up over the national rights of Albanians in Kosovo and the Tibetans in China, why are they so silent on the rights of the Kurds in Turkey? What’s with us dumb Americans? Is it that we are that politically and geographically illiterate, Virginia? (asking my Mom and my cat) Is it that we think the Turkish government to be ‘democratic’? lol…

I just don’t know…

Washington’s new nasty little attack dog- the French poodle Sarkozy

Tony Blair, Washington DC’s British poodle has now been replaced with a French poodle, it seems. That little rabid asshole is the new leader of French imperialism, Sarkozy. Sounds like a STD, doesn’t it? Below is the funniest headline (in a sick sort of way) I have seen in a long time…

What a scum bag is this DC puppet, Sarkozy!

Sarkozy: I’ve reached the end of the road with Assad

French president says he’s outraged by Damascus’ intervention in Lebanese political process, expects ‘actions, not talk’ from President Assad
report by Roee Nahmias

Doesn’t it take the cake for a French leader to talk about intervention in the Lebanese political process? France was the colonizer that enslaved this region and has caused so much heartache ever since from its constant and eternal meddling in the affairs of other nations and its exploitation of them. And here is this twit doing it again and making his war mongering threats?

The world should pull France off the Security Council of the United Nations and reprimand this country for its belligerence and interference in the affairs of other nations. Our country is not the only one with sickies in power. To think that this thug Sarkozy is actually in charge of WOMD? Good Grief!

After Tony Blair?

The whole English speaking world breathed a sigh of relief when Tony Blair finally was replaced by Gordon Brown. Gone was a toady for the US neocon Bush regime and in was….?

Well, a British Hillary Clinton perhaps? At least it was thought, that Brown would move to get British troops out of Iraq and the corporate media has tried to give the impression that this was the actual case. But is it so really?

What seems to be happening is that British troops are merely being redeployed as support platoons for the Pentagon. See AFP report Troops enter Taliban-held town as British PM visits 10/12/2007 They are being pulled out of Southern Iraq step by step, but then are being sent into Afghanistan!

There seems to be a division of labor developing, where the US does Iraq, and the British do Afghanistan. Hey! And who gets Pakistan then? Musharaf still gets last use from Bush maybe? And Jewish Israel certainly is doing their part by continuing to eagerly subjugate the Palestinians for the US and their ownselves. It’s an ethnic cleansing on a mass scale led by D.C. and the Pentagon.

What we have are new lines being drawn in the US made regional war for regime changes in the Middle East-Iran-Pakistan-Afghanistan chain of Muslim countries. Gordon Brown is not retreating from Tony Blair’s melding of the British as junior partners for the US neocon imperialist game plan. Instead, he is continuing that relationship in full.

In short, after Tony Blair we get more of the same, not any real change. And that will be what we get with a Democratic Party President, too. More imperialistic colonialism so that the US-Brit governments continue to control their supply of oil. Lots of corporations are depending on them to do just that.


Many liberals and Leftists support independence for Kosovo just as they have done previously with East Timor. In short, they have supported their own imperialist governments dividing up other countries, and this they call ‘supporting national self determination’!

Let’s face it though. The real reason the Western imperialist powers (NATO) went to war together back then against the government of Milosevic was to destroy the remnants of state socialism in Yugoslavia, and by doing so they split up the old multi-cultural Yugoslavia into many bits and pieces. The last battle was over Kosovo, where the US went to battle alongside allies and proponents of a Greater Albania together against the supporters of a Greater Serbia. Bombs away!

The collateral damage still remains, just as it does in Bosnia and throughout the former Soviet Union. Ethnic manipulation can get rather messy, USA, but of course, this is the preferred method of warfare for the US government, using one ethnic group against the next. We see it again and again and again. We see it in Afghanistan, Somalia, and Iraq.

So Kosovo’s Albanians demand ‘independence’ from Yugoslavia. They demand 2 ethnic Albanias then. Or rather, they demand (indirectly) confederation with Albania instead of with Serb dominated Yugoslavia. Should they get it? If so, will the Serb’s living within Kosovo demand an even smaller ‘state’? Yugoslavia will back that, but then should they, the Kosovar Serbs, get what they want? Is that, too, ‘national self determination’?

Kosovo demonstrates once again that a world where each national group demands an ethnic state of their own all the time will be a messy and continually contentious one. At one time, many American Blacks and groups supporting them against White racism toyed with the idea of demanding that a state like Mississippi or Alabama be made a Black country for ex-slaves to inhabit. In fact, throughout Canada and the US, indigenous groups have something like that already, called the ‘Indian reservations’. Where do we stop in supporting ‘national self determination’ then? Would America and its Black population have been better served by creating an ‘independent’ country back in the ’20s or ’30s in a Southern state? One doesn’t think so today.

Maybe Kosovo is the right place to stop splitting people up further. Instead of wars spent to do this why not support economic plans of peace that would unite Serb and Albanian within Kosovo? Is it really that hard to implement such a program? I thin not but the political will to start such a program is entirely absent, and no more so than in the imperialist countries themselves which continue to prefer to rule by divide and conquer.

NATO out of the Balkans NOW! US out of the Balkans NOW! Monery for economic assistance, not military occupation!

Neo-liberal regime in France hits hard road block

France doesn’t want the neo-liberal program that its government is trying to shove down its throat. Nicolas Sarkozy was elected in May as France’s president, and it is clear that he was the French corporate candidate of choice. France gripped by massive strike

Those corporations want him to destroy the social benefits that the French currently receive and to break all opposition to corporate control over everything in French society.

The French Labor Movement is battling back, and unlike the British and American Labor Movement, the French working class still has some punch left in it. The Battle For France involves more than just the French though. Neo-liberal needs to be delivered a death blow, and the French workers just like the Iraqi population as a whole, are doing their very best to fight back. We wish both the best in their struggles against the common evil we all should be struggling against. That common evil is corporate control over all society against the will of those underneath corporate yoke.

The King of Spain is a royal asshole

The international press has been reporting for everybody the spectacle of the King of Spain putting down Hugo Chavez with his comment ‘Why don’t you shut up, Little Boy?’ Why the King of Spain should be attending a summit meeting in Santiago, Chile is never questioned at all though?

Actually, the royal family of Spain is a royal group of royal assholes just like it is with the royal family of England. Can’t somebody chop off their heads please, since this is the 21st century, is it not? There is no need to have kings and queens around any more, not even for ceremonial purposes let alone having them attend summit meetings between countries while opening their big, royally stupid mouths.

It is also interesting to know that it is even against the law in Spain, a supposed democratic country of Europe, to insult the royal family. That being said, the King of Spain is a total asshole for sure. ( I hope they don’t try to put me in prison for 2 years for saying this. There would go my Spanish vacation!)

And they make fun of the laws of Thailand protecting their royal king asshole from cartoons, etc.? The Europeans need to clean up their own royal assholes first, it appears.

The Darfur Deception

‘In trying to spur action, some humanitarian groups are framing the conflict as a too-simple contest between good and evil.’ By David Rieff October 7, 2007

The Darfur Deception is a good read on the current situation. Note that while the author does not doubt the good intentions of most people concerned about the issue, he does title his article as he does, and uses the word ‘deception’ to describe how the ‘Save Darfur’ people go about propagandizing to get the US-European military intervention moving into gear.

This is the key, since most pro-interventionists claim to not be calling for military intervention at all, when in reality they are. This is the real DECEPTION they practice.

It is totally similar to how many Leftists demanded intervention into the Balkans while Clinton was president, all the while claiming that they were equally against Milosevic and NATO. You don’t hear a word from them opposing NATO today though, even as NATO moves into new corners of the world.

Yes, there is a ‘Darfur Deception’ being practiced.

Don’t eat French Fries

OK, OK! The dittoheads are back to eating French Fries, and we get stuck with the damn Freedom Fries. They taste so damn plastic, too.

Did this ‘socialist ‘French foreign minister, Kouchner, get tutored by the US Democratic Party? He is to socialism as Gorbachev is to communism… a negation. And in the US many Right Wingers are way more ‘Left’ than the Democratic Party ‘progressives’, too. We live in a topsy turvy world, it seems.

Now, we should all begin to pity poor France. Because so many dummies over there hated immigrants more than they ever loved France, now their France will be torn apart like Bush has torn apart America and Americanism.

The least we can do for them to show solidarity is to stop eating French Fries. Let’s try Belgian Fries instead. The Paris Commune is now turned into a Starbucks.

Falwell lives!

It appears that Jerry Falwell died and went to neither Hell nor Heaven. He went to Poland, where he is now once again outing Tinky Winky from the closet. More intolerance of this sort can also be found in Moscow, too. Thank God we live in Colorado Springs, where people and dogs of all types tolerate and respect each other!

My dog sez Moo to Y’all. And she says that we all need each other, so don’t make life hard for others. It’s pretty damn simple., isn’t it?

The Reagan Counter-Revolution finally makes it to France

Let’s face it, America, the ability of George W. Bush to foul up the world was done with the complicity of the European middle class, that always thumbs its nose at our country’s supposed backwardness compared to themselves. But Rightist Europeans have been to the rest of the world, and still are, every bit as much of a problem as our own homegrown nutty Christian/military-police/redneck/ businessman alliance is.

Nicolas Sarkozy’s victory in France is a true setback to the rest of the world, and to France, too. France can look forward to attacks on immigrants, destruction of its social net, and a decreased standard of living for its population in the days ahead. Reaganism is at last arriving in France, and that country will have to learn the hard way how destructive that will be to their own sense of national worth.

The Poodle saves a head

While American homeland Security were playing the clowns in Boston, America’s cross-Atlantic poodle, Tony Blair, also did his part to crank up mass hysteria. He and his troops of national security saviors moved into action to keep a ‘serviceman’ from being spit on by antiwar protesters, uh… I meant Islamic terrorists. The plan was to kidnap the British ‘serviceman’, spit on him in unison (what torture!), and then to behead him (such theater!). And I guess then, to box the head and then mail the head to Buckingham Palace? As a result, a Red alert was declared and airplanes began to fly over Birmingham to stop the people of wrong faith from getting away!

One would like to think that these are just nutty aberrations of uniformed zealots gone mad without any ulterior motivation? But is it really a coincidence that Homeland Security-America went bezerk in Boston, while at the same time Homeland Security- Britain went bezerk in Birmingham? Hysteria means war. I smell war with Iran in the air.

Is Kosovo just an accident of war?

Remember when America was torn asunder and went to war for the Albanians? Yeah, the liberals’ war. Clinton and Gore’s war. We cared so much about Albanians then and whether they were getting a fair shake! Makes one laugh in retrospect, does it not?

Care about them now, Liberal? We bombed and invaded another nation, and the cheerleaders for that activity back then, are the liberals innocents so aghast about Dubya’s and Dick’s actions these days. They’re planning to ‘take back America’ for us the Democrats say! What a bunch of sorry ass phonies those donkeys are! But if one day you support invading and tearing apart one ethnic minority out of a multi-ethnic society, then it shouldn’t surprise the Democrats that the Republicans are doing the exact same thing in Iraq today. Oops, didn’t Slick Willy start that off, in fact, by arming the Kurds?

Well what to do about Kosovo? The NATO forces want to move on, yet can’t. They’re too busy guarding Albanians for Western humanists, I guess? So why not have 2 Albanias? The genius who thought that might be a cute trick is Bill Clinton! But how to do it? Even with all the aid and support the Kosovo Albanians have received, the 2,000,000 of them have an unemployment rate of over 50%. Remember those evil Serbs that oppressed these gentle US allies so? Well, Milosevic never allowed such a crime to occur to the people there. It was the American, Brit, European Union imperialists that did them in.

I remember even all the so many European, American, Australian, Canadian socialist and communist groups that said that they were against that war, yet supported the US objectives there. They said that they opposed Milosevic, and opposed NATO in equal part. Heard any of them lately urging that NATO pick up and leave? Shoot, NATO is using the bases they built in Bosnia and Kosovo both, to ‘render’ and torture prisoners from other parts of the globe. Heard the Lefty, anti-Milosevic do-gooders campaign on that issue much? Neither have I.

Is Kosovo an accident of war? examines the issues a bit. Heck, Kosovo as it exists today was no accident, but rather it was an excuse for a crime. It was an excuse for a gang of imperialist countries to further crack up the multiethnic society that was once called Yugoslavia. Your British and American liberals brought that crime on, and by extension they brought the invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq into being.

Let’s take back American from the Democratic Party liberal dummies, too! And the other Kosovo lesson to take home to heart? Just because a group calls itself Left, socialist, or communist even, does not mean that they know much what they are doing or talking about. They may be screaming along with the liberals to supposedly help folk out in boonies, like Darfur, East Timor, Kosovo, etc. But when all is said and done they are mainly helping the imperialists formulate propaganda to convince people that their wars are necessary to help people, when in fact, they are most certainly not.