Royal Wedding: time to tie the knot!

Prince William weds stuck-up 'commoner' Kate MiddletonI LOVE IT! What role should monarchs play in an aspiring-to-egalitarian age? While public demonstrations across North Africa and the Middle East herald an Arab Spring, similar masses in Britain protest bank imposed austerity cuts, each met with repressive force fully sanctioned by their clueless rulers. Democracy is in the air, courtesy of not elections nor representative legislation, but anarchic uprisings. 2011 should commemorate the people’s now clear potential for self-determination, not a celebration of family privilege. It’s time the anti-democratic, unsympathetic, habitually ignoble “royals,” even if mere figureheads, buggered off.

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2 Responses to Royal Wedding: time to tie the knot!

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    They almost had their hands on Charles and Camelface last year. Came within arms reach of dragging them out of their armored limo and beating them to death and beyond in the streets of London. Defeated kettling with kettling of their own. instead of two or three very large demos, they had hundreds of smaller ones. As it turns out in the Guerilla Theatre, the adage of “don’t bunch up” proved right. Ten people can hold any intersection just as surely as can a hundred and far more effectively than a thousand.

    In terms of military tactics, the Crimean war(s) and the American Civil War showed how to defeat massed bayonet charges… repeating weapons. A rifle or revolver or shotgun that could be re-armed and fired again in a matter of two seconds at most.

    In Texas public school history we learned of Pickett’s Charge and similar acts of pure foolishness, and of course they were recounted as acts of heroism on the part of the cannon fodder rather than as murder on the part of Pickett and others.
    It should have ended the mass charge as a tactic right then, but we get repetitions of it even today, things like A Million Man March. Concentrated humanity, if people started throwing grenades there would be no way the people in the March would be able to do Jack about it and any movement away from one set of explosions would be done, en masse, toward another.

    The police, on the other hand, have dispersed squads covering every possible target with a minimum risk.

    Massed humanity is a prime target for gas attacks. The panic stampede from people unable to breathe would trample you underfoot.
    They want to play uber violent War games on the American and British people, then what moral superiority would they have if the people push back?

    Only, pushing back in a mob would be suicide.

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    They’re well paid figureheads too. The twenty million pound price tag for Bill and Kate to get hitched is paid by the taxpayers. Their allowance isn’t being cut, just that of the working class who feed them. If they don’t want to say that the English working class feeds them, then how about the conquered workers in foreign lands who work for slave wages?

    And the same here.

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