Debunked, the birthers are still right

Documents can be faked, witnesses coached, others disappeared, if it really is all important that a president prove he’s home-born enough to rule the land of immigrants. It’s trivial isn’t it? An old law, fashioned to exclude one particular 18th century foreign-born candidate; a mere technicality, but just the kind of rules-are-rules mechanism sacrosanct to courts, banks, insurers and creditors. What the birthers smell in Barack Obama is a phony president, elected on extraordinarily false, felonious pretenses. And what a pejorative term the corporate media is using to trivialize the may-be-unconstitutional-foreign-birth accusers: birthers. Yes the scent they’ve picked up is irrelevant, and likely false. It’s also incredibly racist. But most fundamentally, it’s true. They are tracking a fugitive of justice, a charlatan and fraud, and for certain, a murdering, torturing, technocrat. Let’s press the White House to conjure a Long Form to disprove that.

1 thought on “Debunked, the birthers are still right

  1. The problem is selling them on prosecution for War crimes (which I always felt the two words go so naturally together it’s a given they should always be spoken together) would mean prosecuting their candidates and former CEO of CorporatWarAmerika too.

    Besides the point that they really don’t give a fat rats nutsack about killing people, even Americans, or the Working class getting ripped off.

    It’s like Ayn Rand just blithely confessing to Mike Wallace a long time ago that she didn’t believe in any morality other than “Help yourself instead of others” and that she just didn’t give a shit about Christ or any other manifestation of the human need for morality… and the same Moral Moronity (maybe that’ll catch on) who say America is exclusively a Christian Nation, like Sarah Palin, Scott Walker, and Paul Ryan, fall down and worship Ms Rand as a prophet of Profit.
    Like the “christianity” and “patriotism” of the War Crimes Industry displayed in their gloating over Drone Murder of children in the middle of the week and Whore-ship of GW on the weekend.

    “Yeah, we’ll lie to you, beat you down, imprison you, even kill you if the other measures aren’t enough, so what? We got your money, the fruit of your labor, and the blood of your sons and daughters and grandchildren for generations to come in thrall to our Empire, now go away you silly peasant you”

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