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The NYE Fiscal Cliff is a Buffalo Jump. Is your herd going to fall for it?

Fiscal Cliff is a Buffalo Jump
DENVER, COLORADO- The DC Kabuki Divas are amping up their New Years cliffhanger, the so-called Fiscal Cliff, to inaugurate domestic austerity measures meant to cement the widening income gap between the rich and everybody else. If it’s a cliff, it’s a buffalo jump off which the easily panicked are stampeded to their death. Fiscal Cliff even shares the same initials with the last economic extortion ploy, the Financial Crisis which intro’d President Obama’s preceding term.

So-called Fiscal Cliff is a Buffalo Jump

Remember the “Financial Crisis” from out of nowhere when Obama first came to office? Now it’s Bank Heist, the Sequel, branded most assuredly with the assistance of Madison Avenue as a “Fiscal Cliff”, shall we call it FC2? This time instead of extorting a so-called “bank bailout”, the oligarchs want austerity concessions. Having looted the public treasury, they’re after the public wealth we call government’s primary social benefit to which the public thought it was “entitled”. So our herders are crying FISCAL CLIFF hoping to divert the public beast to a real cliff, another Buffalo Jump, in urban terms, a shakedown.

‘Austere’ German Chancellor Angela Merkel muddles around in Greece

‘Just minutes before Merkel arrived in downtown Athens, protesters dressed as Nazi officers rolled into Syntagma Square, outside the Greek Parliament building, in a military jeep festooned with swastika-stamped flags… …Her visit revived haunting memories of the Nazi occupation of Greece. Placards and banners across the capital brought swastikas back to the streets of Athens, only this time put out by Greeks themselves to mock and criticize Germany. Some protesters referred to Merkel as “the new Fuhrer.” “History is repeating itself,” said Georgia Taragi, a 59-year-old pensioner. “Only this time we won’t stand for it. Greeks have awakened.”‘ See German leader Merkel greeted by protesters in Greece

What are we in the US to call our very own American pushers of austerity for the poor and bailouts for the rich?
After all, all the Mitt Romneys and Barack Obamas ever talk about is how we need to defund Social Security, social programs, public schools, and local governments.

Inside Europe, German government has become the big enforcer of austerity programs used against the common folk of Greece.

Spain responds with Police State violence used against anti austerity demonstrators

The bankers of Europe and the US are terrorizing entire countries in Europe, and nowhere more so than in Greece and Spain, where unemployment is already the current fate for 1/4 for the working population. Miners are in the forefront of the resistance against new government attacks against the standard of living of the Spanish people. Spain police, miners clash in Madrid protest. Also see a youtube video of the latest politce attacks on demonstrators…Fierce clashes in Madrid! Spanish police fire rubber bullets at miners protest! EXCLUSIVE VIDEO !!!

Spanish miners lead defense against the super rich’s demands for yet more ‘austerity’ for everybody else

We once had a militant miners union in the US, much of it centered in the West Virginia coal mining regions. That militancy is now gone and the state is now noted for its Democratic Party electorate opposing Barack Obama mainly because he is Black. However in Spain, the coal miners are still militant and are in the forefront of defending Spaniards from the repression of the ‘austerity’ agenda of the European and American super rich. Spain coal miners block roads in mass strike.

Protests to continue in Quebec

Negotiations just broke down between the reactionary provincial government of Quebec and the student leadership of the mass movement against tuition hikes, that one week ago mobilized the largest demonstration ever seen in Quebec Province. 250,000+ Defy Anti-Protest Law in Quebec

Protests do bring change…. BUT ONLY if the protesters continue them nonstop until the change looked for is brought about. Now is not the time to stop protesting against government austerity programs. Now is the time, here in the US, to begin protesting. Without it we will accomplish nothing.

‘Blockupy’ protests in Frankfurt, Germany mobilize tens of thousands against schemes of the banks

As Occupy mobilizes against NATO in Chicago ‘Blockupy’ mobilizes against the banks in Europe, which are trying to force millions of people into cutbacks and austerity as the super rich continue to feast on government tax monies. Thousands March Against Austerity in Frankfurt.

Europeans increasingly are rejecting US and German elites’ sponsored austerity programs for their nations

All across Europe, European nations are increasingly rejecting forcefully the austerity programs for themselves devised by American and German corporate elites. The latest is Romania’s Government Collapses Amid Austerity Backlash …Why should people be forced to cut out necessary social programs just because the foreign capitalists say so?