The Hail Mary pass still would need an Immaculate Reception.

So, in the spirit of Code Duello, trial by combat, Might Makes Right and all that stupid crap, what happens when Texas Christian U., Southern Methodist University, Brigham Young and Notre Dame square off in a four way winner take all?
Will GOD Almighty choose the leaders of His Creation from a trial by combat amongst colleges representing the seminaries of American Christendom? Would He toss in a “ringer” like the New Orleans Saints? What if He uses the hole in the roof of the Cowboys Stadium to barf on “His” Team?
Sound ridiculous? How much more so the notion that He really cares who wins a football game?
Or that a victory on the battlefield of Real War means that your own country is far more righteous and beloved than The Other Side?

1 thought on “The Hail Mary pass still would need an Immaculate Reception.

  1. AvatarPCMulkey

    On Jan 1,1970, at the Cotton Bowl, Notre Dame played Texas for the National Championship. True. The joke goes that on the Fighting Irish’s side were all the faithful cheering and praying, knowing they were “God’s Team”. As the game came to a close, Texas won 21-17. The faithful were stunned, crying to the heavens “why, why? We are the faithful, God’s team. How could we lose?” There was silence, the clouds parted and God’s hand shown thru the sunlight displaying the University of Texas hand symbol and a gentle voice said “Hook’em Horns”.

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