US gives its CIA contract assassins like Raymond Davis diplomatic immunity from justice, also interrogation, torture

The NYT, AP, Reuters, everybody loves Raymond. Even Denver’s 9NEWS kept quiet about knowing the accused American was a CIA-Blackwater shooter, and let the USG continue to pretend that Raymond Davis was protected by Diplomatic Immunity as a consular employee. President Obama even called Davis “our diplomat.” And he’s right of course, spying, killing, squashing bystanders, refusing to abide by international law, fleeing justice, that is US diplomacy.

6 thoughts on “US gives its CIA contract assassins like Raymond Davis diplomatic immunity from justice, also interrogation, torture

  1. They can dish it out but can’t take it? My personal assessment of Blackwater goons is that they enjoy slow torture far more than a quick kill.
    Leaving aside the fact that they also provide torturers and guards at torture centers. Can’t trust the Locals to run Abu Ghraib for instance.

    I also believe they get even more enjoyment from torturing children.

  2. Raymond Davis, whose real name will never be known, because several passports of his have been found. The USA has for a long time has labelled Pakistan a terrorist state – what do we find out – it is the USA’s secret assassination squads responsible for all the murder and mayhem in Pakistan. All the target shootings. All the bombs going in mosques. All the gas pipelines being blown up. Pakistanis have interest in hurting themselves. Only the enemies of Pakistan want to damage Pakistan

  3. Raymond Davis was released today (16/3/2011) . All charges against him have mysteriously been dropped. He was whisked away from prison he was in and will leave Pakistan in any time. He murdered two Pakistanis. A car which was sent to rescue him, killed a third Pakistani, by running over him. The rescue attempt failed and the car returned to the US consulate in Lahore. The lives of Pakistanis are of little or no value to the USA.
    The real terrorists are living inside the US embassies and consulates. US keeps killing Pakistanis on the border between Pakistan, and Afghanistan. The method used for killing is using drones which launch missiles. The confirmation of killing militants is given. That is impossible unless there is someone on the ground to report it. A US helicopter fly so close the ground killed Afghan children, mistaking them for militants.
    The fact that Raymond Davis has been released, that Americans can commit any crime in Pakistan and no one can retaliate.

  4. Yeah. And HERE, “terrorist fighter” and draft-dodger Rudi Giuliani made a big political issue out of United Nations employees not paying parking tickets in New York City.

    I personally believe that deliberate premeditated murder is a lot more significant than parking tickets and other traffic fines,

    There’s a lot of Christian popular mythology about selling ones soul to Satan. I wonder if it is Washington selling their soul, Lahore selling their soul or all of them together.

  5. Listen guys,we can debate about this the whole day,but the fact remains this,those guys have a job to do.yah sure the shit they do is bad,but we are safe because of them.that’s how I see it.go get them black water.

  6. So, you got proof that it’s “only a job” or that we’re actually safer because our government murders people in our name?
    Maybe you should cruise around one of THEIR neighborhoods in Islamabad or Lahore honking and telling people how safe you feel because some CIA or Blackwater mercenary babykiller blew away their relatives. Why not?

    I mean, the CIA terrorists made it safe for AmeriBrit corporate whores to sit in heavily guarded coffee shops there making deals to buy the lives of more “wogs”, right?

    It’s not any secret that Racism plays a great deal in the decisions of which countries your Corporate Masters enslave next. You might as well come right out and say it, you believe CIA and Blackwater assassins get to kill anybody they want as long as they’re dark skinned and living in other countries. Countries which you don’t officially own.

    But if you were to judge equally, the “wogs” would have every bit as much, nay, Even More right to send THEIR assassins to America and kill Americans.

    What would be the difference? Oh, yeah, the AMERICAN murderers are somehow superior to everybody else in the fucking world.

    Maybe one of Them will succeed in getting you, an American homicide detective will be reviewing your nude body impaled with the staff of your own Nazi flag.
    It would serve your racist bitch ass right. Unfortunately Their assassins wouldn’t be any better at telling the difference between an accomplice to murder, such as yourself, and an innocent bystander.than YOUR “heroic just doing their job” murderers have been THERE.

    Murder begets murder and it’s your arrogant attitude, spoken and manifested in the dark deeds of people who have more power than you do, that’s what has gotten Americans killed Here and There. Your attitude that you’re so much better than them that you can kill them at will even in their own countries.

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