Wife of US spy Jonathan Sacoolas on the lam after world record hit and run

The US Air Force flew one of its intelligence workers’ wives out of the UK after she committed vehicular homicide, then claimed diplomatic immunity. The British press reports that the whereabouts of Anne Sacoolas are being concealed from journalists and investigators. The US media is conspiring to keep all personal details being made public. Freedom the the Press does not protect your freedom to know.

Anne Sacoolas, 42, wife of US “diplomat” Jonathan Sacoolas (reportedly an intelligence officer with the NSA), fled the UK after killing Harry Dunn, 19, when her Volvo collided with his motorbike while she was driving on wrong side of road. Sacoolas had just exited the RAF Croughton base in Northamptonshire, which is leased to the US and called the Joint Intelligence Analysis Centre (JIAC). Sacoolas’ eldest of three children was in the car at the time of the accident. Usually diplomatic immunity only covers diplomats in London, but a special deal signed as early at 1994 includes this particular base. US media is reporting the story, without mentioning her name, or that her “diplomatic immunity” is a cover for intelligence work.

Curious things, these media moratoriums.

Police raid Occupy Denver camp, issue citation for having OD leader off-leash.

DENVER, COLORADO- Occupy activists had no sooner retrieved their pop-up canopy, which the Denver police had been ordered to return, and re-erected it, when riot cops marched in again to re-confiscate it! After tearing down the now usual “encumbrances” Friday morning, this time the canopy, table and chairs, and not also the handcart, drums, signs, banners, brochures, water, and personal items, the officers were determined to issue a citation. But for what? Apparently LIZZIE had been spied off-leash on the city’s Halo surveillance cameras.

Lizzie’s owner was not on the scene, but the humble Canis Lupus Coracinus had been entrusted to fellow Occupier Caryn Sodaro, who swore to break pig skulls before she would ever surrender Lizzie to the pigs. Behind the SWAT team and shielded riot cops, two officers were approaching with a black leash.

Onlookers have described the strange tiptoeing that’s overtaken the latest dances between activists and the DPD, but witnesses to this scene can attest they were bracing themselves for both Caryn and Lizzie’s abrupt demise. Fortunately the DPD deescalated and wrote a citation as other Occupiers took photographs of the surreal show of force. The circus, a literal circus, was calculated no doubt to overcome Occupy’s well broadcasted Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

It’s presumed DPD Intelligence knew that Lizzie had been anointed the newest leader of Occupy Denver. Their recordings would also have reflected that we expected she be accorded diplomatic immunity from the city leash law. Lizzie is the successor of Shelby, the border collie who made news in 2011 as the inaugural “leader” of Occupy Denver, when Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper wouldn’t accept a leaderless movement.

New VIP consular services in Pakistan

The next time you need consular help oversees and you’re made to take a number, you know the US of A can do better than that. I’m fairly enthused about the US consular services plan unveiled to spring undiplomat Raymond Davis from Pakistani jail. If a plea for diplomatic immunity fails, because you’re a CIA operative for instance, try a bribe of millions to the victims’ survivors, wrapped in US Green Cards. Why deny those impulses to shoot your impertinent foreign hosts, in the back as they flee when it’s safest, or by surprise at point blank range? Fire a dozen bullets, none of them misses, leaving crowds of onlookers mouth-agape thinking you’re MF Bourne. A consular vehicle can rush to your rescue, plowing through motorcyclists in its path. Don’t worry, US drivers will be airlifted before local authorities can learn their identities. In the meantime you won’t languish in jail for long, even with half of Pakistan taking to the streets expecting their government to uphold the law.

US gives its CIA contract assassins like Raymond Davis diplomatic immunity from justice, also interrogation, torture

The NYT, AP, Reuters, everybody loves Raymond. Even Denver’s 9NEWS kept quiet about knowing the accused American was a CIA-Blackwater shooter, and let the USG continue to pretend that Raymond Davis was protected by Diplomatic Immunity as a consular employee. President Obama even called Davis “our diplomat.” And he’s right of course, spying, killing, squashing bystanders, refusing to abide by international law, fleeing justice, that is US diplomacy.

DAI and the perils of privatization

The perils of privatization. Cuba has arrested a pro-democracy agent who admits working for the US government. But that didn’t come from a confession. Instead, it was reported by a Washington DC area contractor, Development Alternatives, Inc, who confirmed one of their employees had been apprehended. The US State Department and CIA have always used private firms as cover, but privatizing the payroll, instead of providing a firewall of deniability, has added a bureaucratic layer more readily exposed.

Referring to their agent in Havana as a “subcontractor” is not to suggest that there are now sub-mercenaries, or sub-agents, but simply that the functions of the CIA and USAID have indeed been subcontracted. DAI is not a cover for the CIA, it’s a privatized surrogate.

The name DAI reminds me of the more embarrassing anagram, CAI, Greg Mortenson’s Central Asia Institute, also doing the Lord Uncle Sam’s work.

Actually, the agent in question is not an employee of DAI, but a person subcontracted under the employ of a third party. The identity of neither the person, nor the third party company, is being revealed. Does that imply funny business to you?

Aspiring privateers beware, there is neither diplomatic immunity, nor covert backup, for private companies infiltrating foreign political systems. Under US laws, these agents would be tried as terrorists.

I’ve read it suggested that Cuba should consider a prisoner swap for the CUBAN 5, who’ve been languishing in US prisons for the crime of trying to stop Florida-based terrorists plotting attacks on Cuba. The DAI employee apprehended today entered Cuba under false pretenses, with a tourist visa, with the intention of overthrowing the Cuban government. The US would be lucky if it could be considered an even trade.

Indonesians suspicious of Namru-2 Lab

Bird Flu germ warfare the killer whale of chemical weapon ordnanceHave you heard of NAMRU-2? It’s a US military laboratory set off limits on an Indonesian college campus in Jakarta. The lab’s stated purpose is to study tropical diseases coming from the region. But Indonesians have become suspicious about the application of what the US is learning, and why the lab workers need diplomatic immunity.

The secretive lab has yet to share information with Indonesian researchers. There has been no instance when the Navy Medical Research Unit 2 has assisted with Indonesia’s health system. Then there’s the specter of the lab being administrated under the authority of our Department of Defense. Indonesians point to the certainty that this also means the US intelligence community.

Might it be fair to wonder what Namru-2 is working on and for who?

As Indonesians are raising questions about the foreign lab’s legitimacy, their political representatives have succeeded in stalling negotiations for a new lease. Would “curious” describe the current sticking point: Americans are insisting on diplomatic immunity for the lab staff?

Why don’t they arrest Dumbya?

Tantrum-meister on tarmacAs we are treated to picture after picture of our president traversing the globe, don’t you wonder why one of those nations doesn’t arrest the little prick? How is it our war-monger emperor doesn’t find himself shaking hands with constables, being informed that he’s being detained for crimes against humanity, most of them already self-confessed?

Diplomatic immunity protects government leaders from politically motivated law enforcement. Technically, a nation has to agree to respect the diplomatic immunity of our officials before we consent to venture overseas. But technically too, the 1968 Conventions on Statutes of Limitations, to which the US is a signatory, prevents any domestic or international law from limiting the reach of war crimes prosecution.

That our little emperor can trot the globe without fear of arrest is an illustration of how virtually the entire planet is our empire. American hegemony insures that while populations certainly oppose our actions, their leaders will not.

The other day I watched a junior high adaptation of hacky-sack. A half-dozen boys take turns trying to keep airborne a beany-orb, that’s hacky-sack. In this adaptation three successive kicks entitle that boy to grab the hacky-sack and fling it as hard as he can at someone, rendering that person out, with a bruise to match. The game goes on until the last man standing. To whom the ball is given each turn is apparently random.

I noticed that one boy was a lot better at keeping the hackysack aloft, and I noticed too that he was given it with much more regularity than the others. I asked later as to why the other boys would keep giving him the ball. Because then, I was told, you’re less likely to be his next victim.

News notes April 2006

Who’s paying the bill, who’s tendering the bill?
U. S. gas prices have hit over three dollars per gallon. Let’s see: we have oil men in charge of the country, they conduct secret meetings with energy companies, they convince us to invade Iraq with the world’s second largest oil reserves, the oil companies post record breaking profits, and we’re paying twice as much as we used to for gasoline. Who’s the patsy? Though that word might be a little insulting if you’re the parent of someone killed in this charade.
Whose conscience was not bothered by secret prisons?
If CIA officer Mary McCarthy was not the source of the leak about the network of secret prisons to which America is abducting people, the question that comes to mind is not who was, but rather, who else was not? Who among the CIA, government and military administrators knew about the illegal un-American activities and didn’t blow the whistle?
Diplomatic immunity for beachheads?
On the subject of flouting international law, it has been revealed that plans for the American embassy in Baghdad include facilities for mounting military operations. Since when has it been permissible to treat embassies as military beachheads? When Iranians stormed the U. S. embassy in Tehran, they claimed that the diplomats held hostage were in reality CIA operatives. Our country vehemently denied these charges, but history has shown the Iranian accusations to have been true.
Air quote, Zaqawi, end quote.
A recent Al Zarqawi videotape issues new warnings to Iraq’s occupiers. It renews the defiant posturing and reiterates the link between Iraq and Al Qaeda. When the BBC reported the latest story, they used quotations when refering to “Zarqawi.” Whose quotes might those be? Of what footnote to the Zarqawi story is the BBC reminding us?